Official Hopscotch Update Ideas Topic



This post is a work in progress, keep in tune soon

It’ll contain a detailed list of all of the Update Ideas for the Hopscotch App with descriptions, pictures, and playable designs in a neat and tidy format

If you have any ideas, please post them below and I’ll add them in this post
Thank you :ok_hand:

I’m gonna be working on this for the next hour or so, it’ll be on Global Edit, but don’t add anything to it yet


Current Ideas before I add then onto the list:

• Texting in Hopscotch
• Commenting Projects
• Featured project on your profile

I’ll use this topic.
And here as well.

Categories that’ll be put on the list:

• Coding Blocks
• The Player
• The Editor
• Filters and Channels
• Community
• UI and Design
• Other


Coding Blocks


The Player


The Editor


Filters and Channels

-maybe moderate the channels more frequently? Idk there’s just a lot of stuff in a channel it doesnt belong in.




UI and Design


Other Ideas

Your name comment thing.



This is where pictures and prototypes will be added


Nice idea! I’ll try to add some


Awesome idea! What do you mean by official though?


This’ll be the super topic of all of the ideas along with concept photos and prototypes
(I guess it’s not official, a tht member I guess would have to make it oop)

I’ve been working on a HS 3.0 prototype with a gazillion ideas on this app called Marvel Pop


Here’s what I have so far
You can click on stuff and explore


That’s pretty nice

I can’t seem to click on the project though…?


Aw that’s weird :thinking:

For some reason when run on iPad the project is super odd (Even though the app is on iPad)
And I think it needs to not be held vertically maybe hmm

On a laptop it works fine for me, very strange


Hmm I wonder if this one is different


That is so cool
The effort
But seriously
This is A m a z I n g


Thanks :D
I’m pretty excited about it :ok_hand:

I’m really glad you appreciate it