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Read the SBYP notice thing. Nobody decided to send the topic to THT right?


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Did you see the top of this topic? I knew some body would say SBYP, which I definitely did.


Thats a great idea! I will add it to the top post :)


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I can! Just tell me what you want to write.


idea in 1 sentence: Add invisibility % to drawing trail block
description: Adding alpha channel (transparency) to the 'draw a trail' block will let us draw with transparency (like watercolors).


I've put an idea down
And I think we should see most followed in the past day
It will also see who's a good hopscocther but never get noticed


I personally think seeing any number of followers is bad.


I agree... People lose their self esteem and quit over not being famous.... If people could see jus how many followers famous people had, we would lose so much of Hopscotch.


I was thinking to see how much followers you had but then again people will brag


Awesome topic! Really good ideas!


Thank you!


One thing tho: putting all the ideas in the drop down menus is kind of annoying when I want to look at the ideas. I have to click and unclick everything. I think they would be easier to read just in a list like this:

  • kfkfmf
  • jfmdmf
  • so on

This is my opinion, obviously you can keep it how you want!


Yes, I just wanted to keep this topic short, so that you don't have to scroll 100 times to get to the bottom of the post. With drop downs, my menu is nice and tidy.

also, I'm too lazy to change it XD


Ok! Whatever floats your boat! Great list and topic!


Thank you again! I was worried people would say the opposite and so I wrote that big paragraph at the beginning of the topic :joy:


There are already a lot of topics for this, please add to those conversations instead.


Did you read the stuff at the top?