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Yes, I did search before I posted, and yes, there were several topics similar to this.
Differences between this topic and topics similar:

  • I am turning on Global Edit, so everyone can add ideas
  • I will keep this topic in use for as long as I can
  • I promise I will show this to THT once it has a lot of ideas, and if they donโ€™t respond then I will show them again and again until I am sure they have seen it
  • I am giving credit to @everyone who did this before me, and I have their links:

Suggestions for Hopscotch
Hopscotch Suggestions: Lists, Ability Arguments, and strings!
Suggestion for Hopscotch
More, yes, more suggestions for Hopscotch
Suggestions for improving Hopscotch
New update idea! :+1::bulb:
Idea for a hopscotch update!

if you have a topic with any update ideas on it and it isnโ€™t on this list, you are free to add it :)
also, I got permission from a leader to make this topic

Ok so I made this topic because I have seen topics like this but they were never actually shown to THT, and so I wanted to make a topic with @everyoneโ€™s ideas for the next Hopscotch update, then email it to THT. So please add ideas to the list!!

If you see that someone has made a topic giving an idea, give them the link to this topic so they can add it!

If you are going to add to the list, copy this code, and add it in the category where your idea fits:


**Name (idea summarised in one sentence)**

Short description of the idea



Profile Ideas

Show online status of a user
On a personโ€™s profile, it will say whether or not they are currently online. This can be turned on as a setting.

Badges in Hopscotch
Badges will give people things to work for other than likes and follows. It would encourage people to code more because you earn them by coding.

Stats on Hopscotch profile
There could be stats such as time visited, projects made, and profile views. If you added badges, those could be shows in stats, too. There could be forum-style bios with info about the user. A banner project would be a project that you are proud of and will show up at the top of your profile page.

Show the follower count of a user
Title says all. This can be turned on as a setting to prevent bullying.

Show who a user follows
If people could see who you follow, they might find a really cool hopscotcher they might not find otherwise. Shoutouts are great, but they only cover a few people.

Search for projects in a userโ€™s profile
There should be a search bar in profiles that allows you to search for a specific project by that user.

Profile showcases
Have a selection of your published projects, that you choose, to display at the top of your Published section, which people can scroll through.

I made a mockup of profile showcases here

**List of followers** Add a list of followers of a user โ€” but only the user who owns the account can see the followers. Also add a list of people the user follows.
Channel Ideas

#music tab
A tab for posting music projects.

Suggested for you
A new feed (similar to YouTube) where it will recommend projects based of projects you liked and have played before.

Editor ideas

More colour options (CYMK, HSL)
I want the ability to have more colour choices such as CMYK and HSL, not just RGB and HSB

So, you know how when you make a multi level game, you need to draw multiple different backgrounds, or layer together lots of objects? Well, backdrops would make switching backgrounds a lot easier, and it would be easier to make them too.

String concatenation
This is basically where you can attach two strings together to make one longer string. Not to be confusing with knotting two strings together.

Transparency for trails
Adding an alpha bubble to the โ€˜Draw a Trailโ€™ block will let us draw with transparency (like watercolors).

Record custom sounds
Add the ability to record custom sounds and use them in projects. All sounds will be moderated before the project goes live. This will be a subscriber-exclusive feature.

Cloud variables
Cloud variables would be the same for everyone (like on Scratch), and anyone could edit them and see them.

Saved variables
Transferred variables would be saved between project plays. This would be useful for games with high scores.

An array is used to store different values in it, each with a unique index. Later on, the data can be retrieved by using the index

Block ideas

Reverse Conditionals
Basically When ___ is not pressed and things like that
You know when you need the code to set game over when you have not tapped the iPad. Exaughsting! We need reverse conditional So!

Switch blocks
Switch blocks take one parameter (a variable) and then check if the variable equals certain values, and if so, do whatever

More music blocks
There should be a Set Tempo and Play Note block, where you can play four octaves of music notes and then choose what beat each note is worth, instead of milliseconds which is harder to use.

Global custom blocks/rules between projects
If you want to make an ability/custom rule accessible throughout all your projects, press and hold on it and you will be given the option to make it a global ability.

Multiple parameters for When rules
For example, you could have something like this:

When (Bear) or (Chillanna) is tapped

Ability arguments
Currently we have abilities which are great for copying code from one character to another, but, what if we allowed those abilities to take arguments? What this means is that we can define a new ability like this:

Set Text to Number

And then use it like this:


Which would execute the following code:

Set Text to 2

Basically what we are doing is passing the ability โ€œNewAbilityโ€ a value which it can then do stuff with.

Social Ideas

Send messages to other Hopscotchers
Sometimes people need to talk about a collab or something, but they donโ€™t have the forum. So then they start clogging HS with messages to each other, which can get annoying. If we could send private massages to each other, that would be awesome! Of course, THT could see all conversations, and there would be a filter to make sure everyone is appropriate.

Tagging people on Hopscotch
If you tag someone, they will get a notification. Useful for giving credits and shoutouts.

Friend people on Hopscotch
You will get a notification when a friend is online.

Project Ideas

Project descriptions
Before publishing a project, you can add a short description which would be useful for game controls and credits!

Live count of plays
Count of who is playing the project at the current time.

Updating projects
Being able to update a featured project or game changer would be awesome without needing to publish a new project! (Or you can edit it without publishing it yet if your not finished yet (or create copies so that you donโ€™t accidentally delete a bunch of work)) THT would need to approve of an update, though

Merging projects
Merge projects into one project to play both.
Can change a games rule so like when game 1s variable โ€˜finishedโ€™ = 1 then game 2 start! Also useful for portfolio projects!

Other ideas

The best thing to do is email your ideas to the Hopscotch Team :s
They will be much more likely to see it if you do :D


Yah that is probably going to be how I tell THT about the ideas. But first, I need ideas, so I am asking the forum to add to the list.


We need a less glitchy editor. Mine glitches all the time


Can you edit that into the 2nd idea space please? That is a great idea! :3


I donโ€™t know howโ€ฆ


#Just A Reminder
Remember to always be nice when discussing things to be changed :s


Thatโ€™s OK I will do it for you! :wink:


#####although I donโ€™t know what you mean by things that need to be changedโ€ฆ


@happyfacegirl, AHappyCoder means your ideas and if your changing something about the update :D


Oh ok. I am just giving THT ideas, not saying that HS is horrible and needs to be completely changed. I will check all ideas before showing them to THT and make sure they are appropriate and friendly. :)


Maybe instead of emailing the ideas you could email the link for this topic? I dont know its just a suggestion


Yah I will probably do that because I donโ€™t want THT thinking that I can up with these ideas without your help.


I donโ€™t agree with the third and fourth, but some people might like them.


Well, I didnโ€™t write those 2, I only wrote the 1st one. These are just ideas, THT will decide what to actually add to HS.


I know. Iโ€™m just stating that it would seem out of place :upside_down_face:


What is the email? I canโ€™t find it.


For tht? Pretty sure itโ€™s help@gethopscotch.com or something.:pineapple::upside_down_face::pineapple:


I think we should send messages to other users but have a filter so nobody can send bad messages


Please search before you post, there are already many topics about this.