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An art club! I already did it


I have


@lollypopcorn do other accounts from long ago count? I think they do, if so I need, :cupid: and :100:


I’ll add you and your badges as soon as I get my edits back, cuz I ran out :o


@NindroidGames @laser_eyed_puppy okay, I’ll give you those badges once it lets me! :DDD


That’s okay!! :D

Since it’s not too similar to this one, it’s fine and really cool (^-^)


Also, I’m getting my edits back in about thirteen hours, so
I’ll add the new users and give the new badges then :)


Wait, it’s possible that you could run out of edits?


Yes, I don’t see why they did that, but yes :o




Bumpity bump bump! :joy:


@Explorer_ @Allyb thanks for bumping this topic, you both reminded me that I still need to edit in the new badges and users, I’ll do that soon :DDD

Badges I meet the requirements for:


Kay, thanks for joining!

I’m going to make a list of all the new badges and users I need to add, and then I’ll add them in :D


I also think that I am eligible for

these badges
  • Welcome
  • New trust level
  • So very helpful
  • Wow OMG
  • Nonstop coding
  • Seriously obsessed
  • Cool coding (I’m learning Ruby, and I know Scratch)
  • Awesome artist
  • Spread the love

Thank you!
If you need any proof, just tell me :slight_smile:


Okay, that’s great! I’m most likely going to make the list of new users and badges tonight and then I’ll add them all in. :DDD


Could I use the badge idea on a topic TOTALLY different from this one! I will give credit! :smiley: @lollypopcorn also I already did it if you r not okey with it then I’ll delete it


Yes, that’s perfectly fine! :)

Also, so sorry to everyone for the extreme delay adding the new members and giving out the new badges!! I will work on that now! :000

Tagging Members


Hey everyone, I’m soooooo sorry for the huge delay adding the new members and badges in the first post! Just wanted to tell you that they are all added in now, and to make up for being so late, I’m gonna give the first three people who respond to this post the old limited time “First!::balloon:” badge!! (If you don’t already have it) :D


No problem! Things happen.