Official Hopscotch + Hopscotch Forum Badges Topic



I’m in like 10 collabs so I think I earned the working together badge!



I asked t1 if she could make a group for this topic’s members, can’t wait for it if she does it :DDD


That’s great!!!

And wow, that’s a lot of badges, and collabs! ;D


Ya! I saw it! I think she will do it! It’s a great club idea :DDD


Thank you!! :D

Yah, I don’t really see why she wouldn’t, it’s related to Hopscotch and the forum and creativity! :DDDDDD


Again I am so sorry:
I know scratch


I’ve worked with PumpkinGirl on a collab and I’m currently working with Gobli09 on one. Could I have the working together badge


Ooooo those are awesome! And you don’t have to be sorry ;D

I’ll give you some new badges!


Of course! I’ll give it to you! :DDD


Don’t worry, I think I’m taking a break from the badges
Nvm I also was in DD (Downright Dreamers)


Nooooo don’t take a break
I love handing them out to everyone when they do the stuff
It’s cool and awesome
Also is that a collab? :DDD


Ya it was, but now it stopped. More then half of DD quit or left HF ;-;


oh noes ;-;
So sad ;-:
Well, since you were still in the collab
You get da badge yay
You have so many now, great job!


This is a super cool idea for a topic! I normally don’t join these things, but why not?


Awesome!! Thanks for joining! Tell me when you’ve done what you need to do for the badges so I can give you them! :D

Also, thanks again for the compliment on this topic! (^-^)

Sorry, there's a lot of them... 😅

Welcome: Not sure if you need a link, but I’ve done this, and I can get a link, if you want.

Been on here a lot: Yep! Almost 2 years.

Spread the love: I’ve given 18.4k likes!

Thanks for the spam: I’ve received 41.3k likes!

So many views+ so interesting: I’ve received 4,334 views!

New trust level: I had regular.


Follow the trail:

Pass the popcorn:

So very helpful:

Wow OMG: Gilbert Illusion, Square Tapper, Find the Heart, etc. (13 times total.)

Nonstop coding+seriously obsessed: While my profile might not say it, I have been on the app, on different profiles, for more than 3 years.

Pretty popular+very popular: I don’t keep track, but I’ve had to have been on trending more than 20 times.

Amazing project:

Work together: I’ve been in countless collabs. Not all work, but I’ve been in them.

Cool coding: I know around 7 other languages!

Awesome artist:



Wow, that’s a lot!! You’re gonna have soooo many badges ;D lol



Guess who’s at the top of the “Current Top Members” folder in the main post :laughing::joy::smile:



Great, thanks for joining!! Once you’ve done something to get a badge, tell me on this topic so I can give it to you ;D