Official Hopscotch + Hopscotch Forum Badges Topic



how is everyone getting so many badges so fast ;-;


Great idea! I’ll definitely consider that, thank you!! :DDD


Or a badge if you get nominated for featured about 5 times!(Different projects though!) it could be a :+1:t2: badge!


I guess a lot of people just already met the requirements for the current badges XD

Although these are just our starter badges. I plan to make a lot more :D


Good idea! I’ll consider that one for sure too! Thanks! :DDDD


Thanks!:grinning: I still need that badge though! I think I am tied 2nd place now!


I met the requirements for a lot of badges already but I can’t get the links cause my ipad is dead and the charger isnt working, and they’re buried down at the bottom of a different account. ;-;


Yep! I just gave it to you, and now you are!! Good luck getting first place :wink:


Thanks! By the way you know your tag that is lollypopcorn how do you make one?


Aw ;-;

Although I trust you, so you don’t need to give direct proof. You can just give me the names of the projects if ya want! :D


You can create tags for topic titles when you are at forum trust level regular. I can make one for you if you want since I’m there ;D


Thanks! I got demoted cause I had a break! Just call it HopedHoper if you can! Thanks again​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You’re welcome! Anytime! :D

And okay, what topic do you want me to make it on? :)


Can the welcome badge be for making a Topic helping new forumers??


Could you do it on my general topic? Is it editable?


If it’s both helping and welcoming to new users, then yes! :)


Yep! I’ll go find it! :D


Okey! Then I guess I get Welcome!


Thank you! The Welcome badge I’m gonna get!


You’re welcome!

And cool!! :D