Official Hopscotch + Hopscotch Forum Badges Topic



No need to apologize, it’s awesome how you can get these coding badges so fast! I’ll give you that one too! :D


Man I wish I could get that first there member badge! I was the 4th😢


Yay! I get nonstop coding in a month!


Yeah, I was feeling pretty sad knowing that badge was going to be completely unavailable, so I decided that sometimes we can have special events where you and others can get old limited badges! That way it’s not completely impossible :D


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to give it you! :DDD


I think I can get cool coding too because I have tried out swift playgrounds


Wow, that’s cool! I’ll give you that one too! :DDDD

I wanted to try that app, but my iPad was too old ;-;


I’ve done a bit of coding in Javascript last year and I still code in Scratch. Also, I’ve been on Hopscotch for more than a year, so I can probably get nonstop coding. And awesome artist too, now that I think about it.


Also I got 10+ likes on this drawing…


Me too ;-;


Amazing!! I’ll give you those badges then ;D


Kay! I’ll give you that one too!! Great job!


;-; ;-; ;-;

So sad, coding is amazhang :000


Um does the coding contest need to be official? I hope not


No, it can be a Hopscotch contest held by anyone as long as it’s fair :D


Okay! I won first place in Paige’s coding contest! So I get another badge​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


That’s great! You have so many :D XD

I’ll give it to you right now!


I ve been on Hopscotch for 1 year and 3 Months!


You should make a trending badge! Maybe like this :heart_eyes: Emoji


Awesome!!! That means you get a new badge! Congrats! :D