[Official] Hopscotch Back To School Challenge!

This is an official Hopscotch event. All prizes below are handled by the Hopscotch Team and the forum leaders & curators.

For many of us, school is around the corner or has just started. A fun year with lots of new knowledge and skills is around the corner, so what better time than now to refresh your Hopscotch coding skills with the…

Hopscotch Back To School Challenge!

The Hopscotch Back To School Challenge is centered around recreating an in-app tutorial in Hopscotch. These are a great way to develop coding skills, whether you’re a seasoned Hopscotch veteran or are just starting out. The in-app tutorials can be found by tapping the “Learn” button that you can find at the bottom of the screen when going to your drafts.

View the app announcement:

For the challenge, you can pick one of the following three different tutorials and levels to recreate

Make a sine and cosine Orbit (Science) #btsorbit
Criteria: Incorporate sine and cosine into your animation or game. Use the tutorial “Orbit - Sine & Cosine” under the “Science” category in Hopscotch as a starting point or help!

Escape School (Puzzles) #btsescape
Criteria: Revamp the escape room tutorial and help StarGirl escape school! You must design at least five different escape rooms. Use the tutorial “Escape Room” under the “Puzzles” category in Hopscotch as a starting point or help!

Rolling Sky (Action & Adventure) #btsrollingsky

Criteria: Make a fun school related rolling sky game based on the following story:

Star Girl is returning from her summer vacation and she dropped her bag from the airplane.
Revamp the rolling sky tutorial so it matches this story and expand on it to make a fun and unique rolling sky game! Use the tutorial “Rolling Sky” under the “Action & Adventure” category in Hopscotch as a starting point or help!

Your task is to make a project that is based on one of these tutorials or levels and follows the given criteria for its category. Use it as a starting point for your project, put your own modern spin on it, and then get creative and customize it to really make it your own!


Each category will have 3 winners and they’ll all get the corresponding prizes listed below;

For 1st place:

  • 150 seeds
  • 75 HopBytes
  • First place Leader Competition badge

For 2nd place:

  • 100 seeds
  • 50 HopBytes
  • Second place Leader Competition badge

For 3rd place:

  • 50 seeds
  • 25 HopBytes
  • Third place Leader Competition badge

Handing in your project

Attention! If you want to compete in this challenge, you should submit your project before 2021-09-30T04:59:00Z Make sure to put the hashtag for the category that you are entering in the title! (for example, if you are entering the sine and cosine orbit challenge, put #btsorbitin the project title).

Explore other projects made for the challenge by taking a look at one of our three hashtag channels!

Best of luck!

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This sounds awesome!

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second post


Def doing it this time!



Also, does it have to be based on one of those tutorials or can it be way different as long as it covers the same stuff?

fourth post sorry I was really tempted


For the rolling sky game does it have to be star girl? Can it be Cupcake?? Or Chillana??

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That’s me right there


Do I need to pay

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I’m gonna do this!

For me, school’s gonna end in two weeks lol…

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definitely doing this comp this time
i thought about it and i’ve found an awesome idea
@/NTh3R_Nation (ohh i need to start drawing the new pfp’s picture)

:blush: 100% gonna participate I love making escape rooms
Also @Dragon_Riders (come see), I even got 3rd place when there was a specific “Escape Room Challenge” right here:

And now ima completely improve it :wave:


Does it have to be star girl? Could it be a custom made character?

Cool, I’ll try to participate in this!

Hi there, so we have to use one of the tutorials listed above or we can make our own school-related game?


you have to use one of the tutorials listed above and follow the criteria for that specific one!


base it on the tutorial and then feel free to customize + expand upon it as much as youd like


“Back to school”
laughs in Southern Hemisphere


I Feel Ya


wdym? If i’m creating a project that uses sin n cos, i should build my game on the tutorial’s project? D:


@William04GamerA? @Anyone Else? Look at the post above plss!