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So people have been saying the mat the forum has been getting cluttered with a lot of Hopémon go topics. And I agree! So I'm making this topic to post everything about my Hopémon go game! So let me start. I've fixed 1 or 2 VERY MAJOR BUGS! And I've also made... Little progress on the train your Hopémon screen! Here's what it looks like:

So I'm gonna post everything here! Ok! Goodbye!

Play the latest version, Alpha:




Awesome! So far, it looks amazing!

Maybe you could use HSBs? They make it more appealing to the player! :D


I can't put in words how excited I am for this game to come out! :grin:
So: dnakejfjakjehfkwehfioanefoaiefjqoiejfoqiefjqief!!!!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don't worry! The gyms will have HSBs!


This is amazing!


Is there a link to Hopémon Go? That would be useful because we could test it.


YAY! EVERYONE!! Alpha has been released! Go ahead and play it here:
I know, I know, "blah blah blah the next update will be" Well hold your horses! It's coming next! This is why I've been offline all day! I've been CODING! In this update it add the ability to power up your Pokemon. The longer you make your Pokemon train, the more your CP, HP, and Attack Power will go up!

And here's a cheat sheet.

Training for 5 seconds makes everything go up by 1

Training for 15 seconds makes everything go up by 5

Training for 30 seconds makes everything go up by 12

Training for 60 seconds makes everything go up by 25

Tell me any bugs in the game if there are any!


Also, it still doesn't work in the browser, so make sure your in the app!


Anyone there? @ThePickle


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Pokemon go on hopscotch

You should make it so that you can't just spam train your hopemon. Incorporating stardust (or some replacement) and hopemon candies that you would have to pay to train would be really cool.


That is so awesome! Maybe add a text counting down from what you are training for, such as a text counting down from sixty to show how long it will take.


in the game you can't catch new Hopémon... So there won't be an easy way to get stardust, but maybe a limit on how much, like when you get to a point, it makes you beat a new Pokemon at the gym!


Yeah, that seems better. Because if someone can spam train they will just level up and completely destroy the gym.


Yeah, that would defeat the point of the game! :wink:


Woah. Guys... Way less plays then last time! How is there only 24 plays?


because people aren't on the topic


Its late in most places I guess!


It's 10:50 PM here i should sleep but I am in a call with my friends and they are 3 hours behind so yeh