[Official] Fourth Annual Summer Contest

Hello Hopscotch!
This is the Official Fourth Annual Summer Contest. Anyone can join at any time, just link your Hopscotch project to this topic and tag the judges and hosts.
This year, the other @Leaders and I will be hosting and judging. We will also be offering 3 judge spots to community members. These will be people that have demonstrated excellent behavior on both Hopscotch and the forum, and have exceeded our expectations many times over. We will be working with THT to pick these community judges, so be on your best behavior :wink:
These will be announced the day the contest officially starts.

And now, without further ado:

Welcome To The Fourth Annual Summer Contest!

Theme: Camping. Points will be deducted if the project doesn’t match the theme
Dates: June 20th To August 8th

Rules And General Information:

  • Contest Starts On June 20th [12 PM EST] And Ends On August 8th [12 PM EST]
  • Project Has To Be Made Between June 20th And August 8th, Otherwise It Will Not Qualify
  • Projects Must Be Coded
  • 1 Submission Per Person
  • Collabs Of No More Than 3 People Are Allowed
  • Resubmissions Of An Updated Version Of The Project Are Allowed
  • Submit Projects By Posting A Link Here And Tagging @Leaders
  • Also Tag @Leaders If You Have Submission Or Time Issues


@FearlessPhoenix, @William04GamerA, @Serenity, @t7lks, @Silverdolphin, @HopscotchRemixer, @Gilbert189, @Valgo and @Petrichor.

Judging Criteria:

20 Points For Graphic And Design:
How Good Does Your Project Look?
20 Points For Performance:
How Smoothly Does It Work? Are There Bugs?
10 Points For Complexity:
How Complex Is It? How Much Visible Effort Went Into It?
10 Points For Clarity:
How Clear Are The Instructions?
10 Points For Problem Solving And Creativity:
How Creative Is The Code And Concept? How Did You Solve Tricky Problems In Your Code?
10 Points For Organization:
How Well Is The Code Organized? Does It Make Sense To Someone Looking At It For The First Time?
10 Points For Adherence To Theme:
How Well Does It Fit The Theme?
10 Points For Originality:
How Original Was Your Concept And Project?

This Brings Us To A Total Of 100 Points

Official Prizes:

These are transferable

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Anyone The Participates Will Receive The Leader Competition Participation Badge

Community Prizes:

These Are Given Out By The Community. Tag @Leaders With The Prizes That You’ll Give Out

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Good Luck On Your Projects!!

@omtl, @FearlessFriends @pomtl


Submitted Projects:

Camp Coder by @The_Vast_Void
Camping Simulator 3D by @Rodrik834
Camp Rush by @Fundardo
Pro Cramping Tips by @JonnyGamer
Summer Coding Comp by @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE
Spongebob Camping by @Dylan329
Camping Simulator by @Madise05
Camping by @GameCodingCrazy123
Camping by @ThatEnglishMuffin
In My Mind by @DaMagicalFridge
Smore Roast by @tankt2016


Ohh nice (first)
I’ll take judge 1
← oops

Yay it’s here!

I’d like to be a judge, and I realized it’s not first dibs, so I would like to list a few things that would maybe improve my chances:

  1. The official webplayer fix. I am pretty good and finding bugs in projects as well as learning quickly, and I can see where something goes wrong. On the day of the update, I realized that setting an image or text to blank would cause a rendering issue with the JavaScript “canvas”, so I removed the code there and everything seems to work just fine. (TDO, I know you saw this too, later)
  2. The mega 735-action Siri Shortcut. Sometimes it can even be a bit overkill, but it allows you to modify just about anything in your project now, from rules and abilities to object detection. It also has built-in filter detection. I think it’s pretty well-known in the community, and even though it can be a little confusing due to Shortcuts menu customization, it’s pretty nice to work with when you need a simple tweak
  3. I’ve also coded the “Minigames” series, which really just turn out to be “games” in a project (without E-Pad’s system UI). It’s pretty great, and I also remade it last year. Minigames 0.1 hit trending in 2015 with 400 likes, Minigames 0.1.5 hit featured in 2015 (or 2016) with 8000+ likes, and Minigames 2 hit featured in 2018 with 3000+ likes. Basically I code 8 full-scale games in one project, add a bunch of options, and make sure it fits well together.
  4. The king of lag, E-Pad. It used to run at a smooth “30FPS” (Google smooth frame rates or smth like that – 30 is smooth to the eye), but now it runs at 10-20FPS, due to the 359 objects in it. I am currently remaking this too, just like I did with Minigames! Please let me know if you want to be a beta tester.

Yes it’s here!!

Question can we start before June 20?







I’ll give out a pixel art request and spam likes on the forum for first @FearlessPhoenix


@FearlessPhoenix can i help judge?

edit: nevermind lol just read the rest of it!


Those are gonna be picked by us and THT.
I believe we already have a list or possibly community judges.

You’ll just have to wait and see whether or not you’re on it :wink:

Here’s the bit about the community judges again, read the bolder bit



I think I know what I am gonna make :wink:


I do too

No I don’t


Yay this is out!!
I’m definitely going to be making something!

I’ll make a small pixel art for the first-place winner.


Mine is for first sorry I didn’t make that clear

Time to start


I’ll give 250 ePoints to first, and 100 to 2nd and 3rd


That’s decided by me, the other leads and THT
You can’t just take it AE

Read the OP


The official announcement project on HS has been published:

I believe it’s filtered due to the use of images so @hopscotch-curators do you think you’d be able to take it out?
And maybe @Ana can you put it in Announcements or something?
Thanks yall


Fear can you start before the 20th?



So that it’s fair and no one gets more time than anyone else



I just have a blank draft with secret blocks is that ok?


Yeah that’s fine