Official Fourth Annual Summer Contest: Results

Hello Hops.

Now is the moment you all have been waiting for. The summer contest results. I’m gonna recap a few things quickly, and then will post the results.

Judging Criteria Recap:

20 Points For Graphic And Design:
How Good Does Your Project Look?
20 Points For Performance:
How Smoothly Does It Work? Are There Bugs?
10 Points For Complexity:
How Complex Is It? How Much Visible Effort Went Into It?
10 Points For Clarity:
How Clear Are The Instructions?
10 Points For Problem Solving And Creativity:
How Creative Is The Code And Concept? How Did You Solve Tricky Problems In Your Code?
10 Points For Organization:
How Well Is The Code Organized? Does It Make Sense To Someone Looking At It For The First Time?
10 Points For Adherence To Theme:
How Well Does It Fit The Theme?
10 Points For Originality:
How Original Was Your Concept And Project?

This Brings Us To A Total Of 100 Points

Official Prizes:

These are transferable

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

Anyone The Participates Has Receives The Leader Competition Participation Badge

Community Prizes:

These Are Given Out By The Community.

1st Place:

2nd Place:

3rd Place:

All Projects:

Camp Coder by @The_Vast_Void
Camping Simulator 3D by @Rodrik834
Camp Rush by @Fundardo
Pro Cramping Tips by @JonnyGamer
Summer Coding Comp by @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE
Spongebob Camping by @Dylan329
Camping Simulator by @Madise05
Camping by @GameCodingCrazy123
Camping by @ThatEnglishMuffin
In My Mind by @DaMagicalFridge
Smore Roast by @tankt2016

Finalist Scores:

Honorable Mention

In My Mind by @DaMagicalFridge

Judging this and coming to a consensus was kinda hard. It came nowhere close to following the theme but was an amazing project. Some judges were also unable to play this. Below are what would have been the scores, if anyone is interested. The comments do still apply, only disregard the scores.
Because of these factors, the project will not be judged on the same scale as the rest. The average will be found, and if everything adds up and is similar, that is what will “count”. If the total values add up and are very high to the point where this project could potentially be top 3, it will get an honorary mention and some select prizes from the Third Place award pool.

Without further ado…

Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 19 16.72 9.46 7.8 8.93 4.31 0.2 7 73.42
Serenity - - - - - - - - -
William 20 18 9 5 9 7 3 10 81
Silvie 17 17 9 7 8 8 8 9 83
MathGirl 20 19 10 8 9 9 3 10 88
Valgo 20 18 10 9 10 10 1 10 88
Petrichor 19 17 9 9 10 7 5 9 84
Average 19.166 17.620 9.410 7.633 9.155 7.551 3.366 9.166 82.903

Fearless: This was an absolute stunning game and I was mind blown in every way possible. There were a couple small bugs like the fact that the text sometimes stayed even if you pressed skip and that it occasionally took a couple tries to get the lever and the safe to work.
There were a lot of objects and the editor was super duper cluttered and kinda confusing, but that’s a given in a game like this.
My only problem is that it wasn’t related to camping, like, at all… I can kinda see the connection in the beginning, but that’s really it.
Serenity: okay, so I really wish I could play this project! but because it’s such a large file, I can’t get it to load on my toaster of a phone. this is fine because the webplayer exists - except that on the webplayer, the start button for the game is right on top of the replay button! this means I can’t press the start button, so I can only see the title screen and the credits.
however, even just from the title screen I see so much attention to graphics and detail; everything has a nuance in its movement, its color, and everything is created by shapes and trails (a huge weak spot for me bc I like vanilla hopscotch). and I’ve heard so many rave reviews of this game that I just have to give it my seal of approval :blush:
William: I couldn´t get past the “Restart” screen on the webplayer.
But when I got on the app, I got a pleasant surprise. The only think I miss a bit is the relation to the contest theme, which is Summer. Other than that, there are pretty much no negatives! Super fun game that challenges your mind with amazing design. Even though it is pretty complex, it didn’t lag or run slowly for me at all! Amazing job. Clarity: 5/10 (it’s supposed to be somewhat confusing and have you to think - count with instructions get 9/10, that’s what I included in my overall score and final judgement)
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
**Valgo:**This was a really cool project. I wasn’t sure if something of this complexity was even possible without bringing the app to its knees. I really liked the puzzle aspect of this game too, where you moved around the rooms. The one thing I didn’t like was how this game barely followed the theme. Aside from a quick mention, camping was nowhere to be found. Other than that, this was a really good project.
Nice job, DaMagicalFridge!
Petrichor: N/A

Third Place

Spongebob Camping by @Dylan329

Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 19.071 16.68 10 9 8.87 9 9.7 9.6 91.92
Serenity 18 15 9 7 6 8 7 8 78
William 17 15 7 10 7 6 4 3 69
Silvie 10 9 6.5 9 8 7 6 4 59.5
MathGirl 20 17 9 10 5 10 10 9 90
Valgo 20 15 10 10 8 10 9 8 90
Petrichor 10 10 6 10 7 6 3 2 54
Average 16.296 13.954 8.214 9.286 7.410 8.000 6.957 6.229 76.060

Fearless: The pixel art is absolutely amazing. The graphics and everything were on point in the actual pixel art. Only thing I’d say was maybe different background or a gradient or something a tad more complex. Performance was marked down a bit because it took forever to load. I’d suggest using secret blocks like “create a clone times” and “destroy a clone” and for the down code , maybe something like “Set Pos X(Self X Pos) Y(Self Y pos - (pixel size *(line number-1)))” to make it load faster. Overall, an amazing, complex and very creative project.
Serenity: I legitimately thought this was just an image until I opened the project and saw it was by the legendary DylanBarrett!! holey heck man idk who else would have the patience or skill to manually code over 50,000 pixels! props to you man
William: None. Cool pixel art.
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: Wow, this must have taken ages to do. I don’t know how someone can have enough patience to make a Hopscotch Pixel Art with 50,000+ pixels. But somehow, Dylan329 did it. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of Pixel Art projects, but this project was really good, due to the sheer amount of work and pixels put into it.
Overall, this must have taken weeks to make. Props to you, Dylan329!
Petrichor: N/A

Second Place

Pro Cramping Tips by @JonnyGamer

Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 16 13 6.89 6 2.64 4.76 8.93 10 68.22
Serenity 15 11 2 6 5 6 8 10 63
William 16 16 6 10 8 6 8 8 78
Silvie 17 15 8 6 8 9 9 10 82
MathGirl 17 20 3 10 7 8.5 8 9 82.5
Valgo 20 20 10 10 9 8 10 8 95
Petrichor 18 16 8 10 7 6 8 9 82
Average 17.000 15.857 6.270 8.285 6.662 6.894 8.561 9.142 78.674

Fearless: Honestly this was great. Absolutely hilarious. The design was so simple, and based on that alone I would’ve given you a 1-2/10 but then there was all this work and complex stuff going on in the background to make it actually look like realistic talking. The trees and emoji dude coulda spawned so much faster , or you coulda had a loading screen or something. I also loved the campfire.
I will now proceed to explain why problem solving and creativity got a 2.64. If I’m being completely honest, I would’ve given it a 0.27 had Creativity not been a part of that. Before you freak out, let me explain myself. This category was all about your code and how well you handled challenges. One challenge I can see for you would be the mouth movements. You solved this by using many individual books that easily could’ve been combined. For example, you had a “When Sounds = 1, Set Yellow”. Then you had a When sounds = 3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,18,19,20, set yellow. That’s a lot of individual conditional blocks to do the same thing. You could’ve easily done a “When Sounds = 1 and Sounds=3 and …” as one conditional and just had a set yellow block there. This all was only in 1 text Object, and was repeated with all the others (at least 30). This is a lot of unneeded, excess code that causes lag and is just genuinely messy and unpleasant to scroll through in the editor.
That’s my only real, major problem with it. Spawning, speed and neatness are also problems but none are as major than that. Bugs and problems aside, that was an amazing, super creative, original and fun project.
Serenity: the randomized camping ‘tips’ were super funny! but I wasn’t sure whether to judge this as an actual entry or a parody, haha. not super complex, but a fun project to play.
William: Funny tips, well designed and formatted. To be honest though, it is kinda boring to watch for a longer period of time. Maybe switching up the speech bubbles to display both images, text, and sounds between tips? Otherwise, great work!
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was a unique project, and it definitely wasn’t the type of thing I was expecting to see for most of the projects. This can be classified as one of the “random text generator” type projects, but it is very clean and well executed. I found the talking face to be a bit creepy, but still cool. I also thought some of the tips I got were funny.
Overall, though this project is part of a common trend on Hopscotch, it stands above the rest with its great execution and graphics. Cool project, JonnyGamer!
Petrichor: N/A

First Place

Camping Simulator by @Madise05

Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 19 17 7.84 10 3.8 5.87 9.57 9.87 82.95
Serenity 19 17 8 10 7 8 9 8 86
William 17 18 8 9 9 6 9 8 84
Silvie 14 14 8 8 8 8 9 9 78
MathGirl 17 18 6 8.5 7 9 10 9 84.5
Valgo 18 18 9 10 9 9 10 8 91
Petrichor 11 12 6 8 6 5 10 7 75
Average 14.571 16.286 7.549 9.071 7.114 7.267 9.510 8.410 83.064

Fearless: I absolutely loved this. The whole things just completely screamed aesthetic. I did have a couple problems with it tho. First major major issue is that the editor was really cluttered. You had so many objects and things all over the place, and you really coulda used clones and other things to make it neater and more efficient. The code was also kinda messy and what coulda been done with a simple one or two blocks was done with more. This increased lag and loading time and even crashed the project a couple times. Second thing is the map. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great. But the whole thing coulda been spawned so much faster and more efficiently. Due to this long loading time, if you pressed view handbook when the test popped up, it’d lag and there’d be a bug where you could see half the map and the parts still being drawn over the handbook.
This leads into a tiny thing you missed with the handbook. You referred to different page numbers which was convenient and a great idea. Only problem is, the pages weren’t actually numbered.
I think that’s all the major bugs and things I found with the project, and had your code been more efficient and the editor better organized, you definitely would’ve gotten at least a 91 from me, maybe even higher. Solid project regardless, and has definitely been one of my favorites (second highest score so far I believe).
Serenity: okay, this is my favorite so far. everything from the character to the text to the graphics is so aesthetically pleasing, and the handbook teaches you both real life and in-game camping strategy! I would play this multiple times :eyes:
William: Very cool and good simulator. Everything is very well thought out and looks great.
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: First of all, this was a really well-made project. It wasn’t buggy, everything made sense (at least after you read the handbook section about it), and the graphics were good. I think the handbook was a good way to incorporate instructions without making an “instruction menu” and putting it on the title screen.
Overall, I really enjoyed this project. Great job, Madsie05!
Petrichor: N/A


An honorable mention goes to @DaMagicalFridge for his amazing project, “In My Mind”! You may claim all Official Hopscotch (HS only, not forum) prizes listed for Third Place, should you want them.

In Third Place, with a grand total of 76.060 points, is @Dylan329 with his project “Spongebob Camping”! Congratulations! Please claim all third place prizes listed above as soon as possible.

In Second Place, with a grand total of 78.674 points, is @JonnyGamer with his project “Pro Camping Tips”! Congratulations! Please claim all second place prizes listed above as soon as possible.

And finally, in First Place, with a grand total of 83.064 points, is @Madsie05 with her project “Camping Simulator”! Congratulations!! Please claim all first place prizes listed above as soon as possible.

Great job once again to everyone that participated, y’all did amazing. Hope everyone had fun doing this. Special shoutout to our amazing community judges; @Valgo, @MathGirl and @Petrichor. Thank you guys for your help.


All Scores; Part 1

Camp Coder
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 11.47 9.58 7.8 3 8.4 6.4 7 8.48 62.13
Serenity 12 9 7 4 8 7 9 9 65
William 12 9 7 6 9 3 8 9 63
Silvie 11 9 7 5 8 2 7 8 57
MathGirl 17 20 7 7 7 6 10 9 82
Valgo 18 20 10 6 9 9 10 8 90
Petrichor 9 10 6 4 7 3 9 9 57
Average 12.924 12.368 7.400 5.000 8.057 5.200 8.571 8.640 68.018

Fearless: It was a fun, creative idea, I just think the execution was kinda flawed. I didn’t like the delay in the play button and that whole screen just seemed so so simple. There was a lot more you coulda done than a simple BG, text and two triangles making a tent. The project when you play it mostly makes up for this but I have some problems with the graphics and design. The colors blended in too much with the gray . The food text honestly probably coulda been invisible if seen from over an arms length away or on a phone. Serious design flaw that really needs to be taken into account – you gotta make sure that no matter what device or whatever it’s being played on, it works. Same can be said for the fun and decor text, although those are a bit more visible than the food text. The fat 0s also looked off to me, and the rating text was out of alignment with the others. Also when you change the menu bar at the bottom and go back to the first, the baseball field text starts flashing. And then it shows as “Baseba Field” which is Linda weird. This is really weird and kinda annoying. Also the transitions coulda been a lot better – some of them were really out of sync…
Aside from the things mentioned above, I found it kinda unplayable. The tutorial didn’t really work and it was super unhelpful. It didn’t help get the camp started at all and was basically just a bunch of text. I also couldn’t get Campers to come to the camp no matter how many or what buildings I built.
But I really loved the little trail art constructions of buildings, those were adorable and really well done. The whole concept was amazing too, and if you ever released a better version of this with fixes to the weird bugs and a better tutorial, I would definitely play it and would recommend to others.
Serenity: I thought the building animation and trail art icons were super adorable! However I do agree that the setup and tutorial was slightly confusing, and I didn’t know what to do to actually get campers to come even after I’d built some buildings. It’s such a cute idea, though, and I love games like that that encourage business management!
William: A very good and original project! The negative for me is that I find it pretty hard to navigate and I must admit that the organization isn´t the best. The tutorial is all right, but I would appreciate it being more interactive so that you can open the shop and build something and the tutorial will follow. I´d also love the ability to build multiple buildings at the same time!
Silvie: I thought it was an okay project, I just found it a little confusing of what to do, and i didn’t really see how the tutorial helped
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was a very interesting and unique project, and it was well-executed. The project didn’t lag at all for me, and everything ran smoothly. I liked how there were different stats you had to upgrade by purchasing different buildings. It was also interesting how the building “animation” worked, where it would draw a trail art of the building. It did annoying to wait for this to finish every time, though. I would make it so you can build up to 3 buildings at once, to speed this up.
Overall, I really liked this project. I spent a while playing it, watching all the little campers run around and watching the (detailed) trail art. This was a well made project. Good job, The_Vast_Void!
Petrichor: The delay before the play button appears is confusing. Also the tutorial is just a bunch of text with no actual examples.

Camping Simulator 3D
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 11.4 7 7 4.74 8 7 9 8.6 62.47
Serenity 16 9 8 4 9 6 8 7 67
William 15 15 7 6 7 5 8 9 72
Silvie 14 10 8 6 5 9 9 8 69
MathGirl 13 17 10 7 7 8 10 9 81
Valgo 15 12 10 7 9 9 10 9 81
Petrichor 12 11 6 5 6 9 8 9 66
Average 13.771 11.571 8.000 5.676 7.285 7.571 8.857 8.514 71.210

Fearless: It was really creative and original, not many people woulda done something like this. However, there are problems wit the execution. The 3D engine was very impressive, however, there’s the execution problem again. Almost all the time, there was waaayy too much overlap. Some very far away food would overlap the trees around you and it honestly got to the point of being lowkey trippy occasionally. It just kinda felt unplayable after some time and got to the point of being overwhelming more than once.
The tutorial was really good tho, and it was somewhat helpful. I liked the changing pages and skip system – worked very well and again was very creative.
Also liked the lil food setup with the campfire.
You’ll notice this isn’t as long as other comments I’ve given – that’s cuz there’s not much to say. It was just overwhelming and kinda confusing when you got down to it, but it was a nice concept and was super original.
Serenity: I always find survival games frustrating to play (hence why I’m not going to make a good adult, lol), but I can appreciate them from a distance. I’m super impressed by the 3D engine, though I agree there might be ways to make it less… overwhelming? Still an awesome project though!
William: A very cool idea that has been executed well. 3D in Hopscotch is pretty difficult and even though the project doesn´t have the perfect implementation of 3D, it is still a very good effort.
Silvie: I thought the 3d engine was not badly done, but the inventory stuff confused me. When one of the stats hit 0 it stopped, idk if it was supposed to or not
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was an interesting project. The concept of going around in a “3D” world and doing stuff was interesting to me. I did find a few bugs, though. For example, when looking around by dragging my finger, I would sometimes randomly look in a different direction. Also, at times, the inventory wouldn’t close, requiring me to restart the project.
Overall, this was a pretty cool project, but it could definitely be improved. Good job, though, Rodrik834!
Petrichor: The tutorial was a bunch of text without any examples. Also the layers were off. Maybe do something similar to the featured 3d forest project and use invisibility to help with this.

Camp Rush
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 7.43 7.8 4.67 7.6 4 9.3 8 7 55.8
Serenity 8 6 7 8 4 8 7 7 55
William 15 15 8 8 7 9 9 9 79
Silvie 14 13 6 7 6 7 6 7 66
MathGirl 12 8 4 10 6 9 10 9 68
Valgo 15 14 8 5 9 10 8 9 78
Petrichor 7 8 3 5 6 7 9 9 54
Average 11.204 10.257 5.810 7.228 6.000 8.471 8.143 8.143 65.114

Fearless: I found it kinda simple. Hear me out here completely please. I feel like there was so so much more you could’ve done. The loading and start screen is simply a trail art (which is great and all but) then there was a wooden log image with a hastily draw play sign on it. And then the next screen was very plain with 2 text objects and a simple play button. And then when you actually play it you have circles for players and images and again hastily drawn tents. I would be fine with the simplicity of the looks had it been coded, especially the tents. Thats also why the creativity and graphics got marked down.
All that aside, I found a couple performance bugs. The joystick and gu.n wouldn’t work for me half the times, the “elims” sometimes randomly went up and my biggest issue (tied with the joystick) was that on the loading screen the play button appeared first and if pressed before the Camp Rush text showed up, it kinda breaks the project.
Some things I really loved tho were the transitions – super smooth. And the organization of the editor was absolutely on point.
Serenity: this game was fun to play! idk if it was just because I was using the webplayer, but I spent a good deal of the time just trying to get my joystick to work… but I love the title screen and the little boot camp guy was cute!
William: Cool game, never seen something quite like it before. Runs pretty smoothly. If I would change something, I wouldn´t change the direction the water gún points while you are navigating the tutorial to where the tutorial window is. It just gives a bit of a more professional, “attention-to-detail” feeling, I think. But otherwise, great work! Also, very organized code that is easy to read. Great job on that as well!
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This project had an interesting idea, but the execution wasn’t the best. It was still good, though. I thought the idea of different camps fighting was pretty cool. I think the enemies could have been improved by making them walk around instead of them going all over. Also, the game seemed a bit unresponsive at times. For example, the joystick didn’t always want to work.
This is a pretty cool project, although it has flaws. It is still good, though. Nice job, Fundardo!
Petrichor: There were two play buttons to push. Also, to move you have to focus on the bottom left of the screen. This makes the game harder. Try to not use things like that, and allow movement from anywhere on the screen.

Summer Coding Comp
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 14.38 4 3.96 3 5 6.66 7 8 52
Serenity 17 7 4 9 4 6 9 8 64
William 16 18 8 10 9 8 9 10 88
Silvie 11 14 7 8 7.5 7 7.5 8 70
MathGirl 18 17 5 9 9 8 10 9 85
Valgo 18 13 7 10 9 10 7 9 83
Petrichor 15 12 7 9 6 5 10 9 75
Average 15.626 12.143 5.994 8.286 7.071 7.237 8.500 8.714 73.857

Fearless: The graphics at the beginning and that transition was absolutely on point. However it got super duper laggy and wouldn’t really work for me… This really weird thing kept happening because it was so laggy and it just either did what was shown in the image (wacky!!) or just absolutely broke and nothing would really show up. For some reason it wouldn’t let me throw the tent either (instructions were pretty unclear) and just overall kinda didn’t work.
I loved the lil pixel art character and the entirety of the loading/intro scene. Just, everything else wasn’t working. Conceptually I think it’s very creative but there were too many problems with the execution for me.
(Image not attached in post. Will post separately.)
Serenity: I was so impressed by the graphics at the beginning! the screen transition was really cool and I liked the glimpse of the volcano. but… is lobbing the tent into the volcano the only thing the gamer can do? I would have liked to see at least an end result or more ways to destroy.
William: Unique game with clear instructions and smooth animations. Took a while to figure out the physics (maybe because I tried the game in the webplayer), but they were also very cleverly done. Clear, minimal and well-organized code.
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This is a nice little game which is pretty easy (except for level 5). I find it funny that Bob hates tents, and that he wants to destroy all tents. I liked the gameplay, though the tent movement felt jumpy and kinda “wonky” (it shrinks and starts moving weirdly).
Overall, the graphs are simple but good, the gameplay is nice and easy to understand, and the project as a whole is clean. Nice job, MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE!
Petrichor: The tent goes in the opposite direction than you’d expect. Maybe make it so you can move the tent by the entire tent and add more ways to destroy the tent.


All Scores; Part 2

Camping (GCC)
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 14.27 12 8.3 8.2 7 8.7 9.1 7.16 74.73
Serenity 12 15 9 9 6 9 8 7 75
William 16 16 8 7 7 6 8 8 76
Silvie 16 16 8 7 8 8 9 8 80
MathGirl 15 16 5 10 7 9 10 9 81
Valgo 18 14 7 9 9 9 10 8 81
Petrichor 9 12 3 7 8 8 9 3 59
Average 14.324 14.429 6.900 8.171 7.429 8.243 9.014 7.166 75.247

Fearless: This was a super cool, super fun game to play. I loved the idea of having so many lil mini games and being able to unlock different things. It was also super aesthetically pleasing and you had some really nice lil details in there like the transitions and lil car tat just made it so much better overall. Great game, organized code, super aesthetic. But with all the good there has to be some bad, and that sadly came in the form of a lot of bugs…
I had a couple problems / issues with it right off the bat. When you reach the campsite and go to “Make a Tent” for the first time, the text box with the square only half overlaps the rest of the screen. You can still see the buttons and play around with stuff in the background while the text is up. It’s not that major but it’s something I’m not a fan of. To me it makes it seem a bit hastily thrown in there. Since it’s like this on all of the mini game screens, I’ll assume it was meant to be like this and I won’t take off extra points or whatever. Just some feedback. While on the topic of the instruction boxed, I wasn’t a fan of the fact that they’d only show up that one time. I think it’d be more helpful to have them show up every time and also have a skip feature for the people that don’t wanna read it all over again
Second problem is much more major. In almost all of the game screens, when played on a phone, the back button is more than half covered by the default HS “Sound” button. This makes it extremely difficult to click sometimes, especially when on a phone with a small screen , like my iPhone 4s. I later had to switch to my 6s, which made it more playable but the buttons were still overlapping and were still a problem. This to em counts as a pretty big design flaw because with all projects, you always needa account for playability and different devices, and make sure that it works as intended on as many devices as you can get it with.
Now on to some actual bugs in the game. I was in the Wildlife section and after seeing the raccoon pixel art (the mouth looked a little wonky on that for some reason btw) I exited out of it and entered the fishing mini game. After clicking away the instruction box, I saw the bottom half of the raccoon pixel art appear on the screen? Not even in the original place either haha it was just there kinda floating in the ocean. Found it funny but it’s a bug and should be squashed. Also a bug with the wildlife was that if someone decided to be impatient or accidentally clicked wildlife and then click out, the pixel art would continue to draw and would overlap with the BG.
Now, on to the good stuff. I’ll start at the very beginning – the drive to the campsite. I loved this. Super creative and I loved the lil car. The whole thing just screams aesthetic , and that’s not lost on the other screens either. I loved all the lil pixel arts, I loved all the other mini games too. Everything was just amazing and it was so fun to play.
Serenity: I was so happy to hear music with this project! I also liked the unlockable items; it added a purpose to the gameplay, even in the minigames. this was super fun to play!
William: N/A
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was a cool mini-game project, though I did encounter a few bugs. For example, in the Timberman mini-game, the branches were inconsistent and sometimes a branch would spawn on each side. Also, in the fishing mini-game, the fishing line would go down twice instead of once. Despite these bugs, the project was still interesting and fun to play. I liked the tent builder, and it was cool how some features of the tent builder had to be unlocked by playing other mini-games.
Nice job, GameCodingCrazy123!
Petrichor: N/A

Camping (TEM)
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 14.6 7 0.8 6 2 1.6 8.3 5 45.3
Serenity 14 17 7 10 5 4 9 6 72
William 17 20 7 10 6 5 8 5 78
Silvie 9 9 6 6 7 7 9 8 61
MathGirl 16 20 2 10 6.5 9 10 9 82.5
Valgo 20 20 5 8 10 9 10 5 87
Petrichor 13 19 6 10 7 5 8 4 72
Average 14.800 16.000 4.828 8.571 6.214 5.800 8.900 6.000 71.114

Fearless: I really really just don’t now where to start. It was a great BG for sure, but if I’m being completely honest, I really really expected more. It felt like it was thrown together in like 30 mins max. You had like 12 objects when you really only needed like 4 or 5 max. It would’ve been absolutely amazing if you used that as like an intro or something and then went into a game or even a simple mini game or something. I was half expecting that actually. But it’s an amazing background and 10/10 sets a great scene for camping with friends or family. Please don’t like cry or anything, I know this was pretty harsh grading in my part. It’s an amazing project, really. Just maybe too basic for me…
Serenity: this animation is so sweet! while the emojis were a little tacky, I loved the details of the stars, the fireflies, and the rocks around the fire. I would have loved to see the entire thing made of shapes/trails. regardless, this project made me smile!
William: N/A. Clarity: 10/10 (when you realized that it was “just” a beautiful camping scene)
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was a nice little art-esque project. All of the animated objects were well made, and it felt nice aesthetically. This was a pretty basic (but not bad) project, so that’s all I have to say for this one. Nice job, ThatEnglishMuffin!
Petrichor: N/A

S'more Roast
Judge Graphic and Design Performance Complexity Clarity Problem Solving and Creativity Organization Adherence To Theme Originality OVERALL
Fearless 14 15.8 7 8.7 5.3 6.56 9.23 8.93 75.52
Serenity 11 9 5 3 6 6 8 4 52
William 17 18 8 9 8 6 8 8 82
Silvie 11 10 5 3 6 6 7 4 52
MathGirl 17.5 19 4 9.5 7 8.5 10 9 84.5
Valgo 20 19 9 10 10 10 10 8 96
Petrichor 10 10 6 4 5 7 7 3 52
Average 14.357 14.400 6.286 6.743 6.757 7.151 8.461 6.419 70.574

Fearless: Although it was kinda simple, it was really aesthetically pleasing and I loved how you had different levels and could unlock different flavors and things. It was really original and creative, and I think you also executed it every well.
More objects we used than necessary and things like the BG coulda loaded faster but that’s fine.
There were a couple lil things like “A bitter warlock named stole” at the beginning where you forgot the name and had a couple other similar small errors too but they’re not that major either.
I liked it and also didn’t find many bugs, and the ones I found were minor.
Serenity: such a sweet theme! s’mores are too often overlooked but are definitely my favorite part of camping.
William: A very fun, interactive and detailed game that had very clear instructions, awesome design and was very fun to play, in my opinion!
Silvie: N/A
MathGirl: N/A
Valgo: This was a cool little game, with an interesting premise. I liked the idea of having to “save” ingredients, it gave the game an overall objective. The graphics were also really well-done. Overall, I really liked this project.
Great job, tankt2016!
Petrichor: N/A


Prizes Claimed:


  • first place leader compet badge


  • second place leader compet badge


  • third place leader compet badge


  • all participation badges

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Speaking of tags…

Tag Sage and say thanks for helping get this released early
Tag the judges and hosts and thank them for organizing this an spitting so much effort into the reuksts and feedback and everything
Tag everyone that participated and congratulate them

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hey everyone!

just wanted to say a few things~

thanks so much to everyone who took the time to participate in this competition! it really does help out around here with stimulating hopscotch usage and getting y’all excited! the results are finally here, i know we’ve all been waiting for so long for them to arrive! congrats to @Madsie05 for winning the competition, i absolutely love everything about your project and especially all the detail put into the campers handbook! congrats to the second and third place winners as well, y’all did amazing and i loved every project i got the chance to try out! thank you so much to the judges for being so diligent with their finding of a community judge and working so well to give our wonderful community our annual competition. and a special thanks to @Petrichor, @Mathgirl, and @Valgo for being our amazing community judges! we all appreciate you! once again, an amazing job to everyone who participated and was so patient waiting for the results, im sure the judges really do appreciate that.

each and every project was just so great, and i will repeat it time and time again, your contributions to the community are what make it great. thanks so much, y’all!

good luck next year! :wave::wink:



Valgo was also a community judge btw :wink:

Nicely written ref


ooh lemme add

also thank you!!


Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m not creative at all, so the background isn’t good lol.
I don’t think I have the “destroy a clone” block.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Even with some procrastination I still managed to get it done!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile:
Think 50,000 pixels is a lot?
Stay tuned…

Third place! Thanks! It was fun to make and participate in this contest.


NOOOO WAYYYYY!!! YOU DID IT… EOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Thanks a lot for finishing this!


No prob dyl!
Yeah it’s a secret block, json editing

When you know what CT you want and what curated project you want and stuff, lmk. Also tag everyone giving out community prizes and tell them what you’d like.



Yw haha. I had fun compiling this


Awesome!! Congratulations @Madsie05!! great job everyone, your projects were stunning


Also Madsie05 what do you want for your small pixel art request?


I will give out Forum Points (name pending) to the winners when HDC is released, because this is such a big contest


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