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What’s the wrench button [1]

  1. Sorry if this is off topic :confused: ↩︎

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It lets moderators reorder categories, but we pretty much only ever use that when there’s some major change that we get approved first


It’s mod superpowers :eyes:


we dont see what you mean
you’re probably just in the wrong tab


A homework help category, if one doesn’t already exist?


unfortunately thats not hopscotch related at all and not something we can really add from a legal standpoint because of plagiarism, even if hs wouldnt be held liable. we could honor system it but we’d have no way of knowing the specific instructions for sure and it could encourage plagiarism or cheating – neither of which is something we condone

and then theres also the other issue of relevance, which this wouldnt be outside the scope of what we currently have;

  • math topic for conceptual help and occasional hw help
  • external code topics for help with those subjects
  • #community:multimedia as a place to talk about design and theory and physics and everything else that can be related in some way

those are things that cover a lot of classes in school and there’s other ways to get feedback on some other subjects that don’t explicitly have a place. struggling with english? try writing a coded story and ask your friends to beta test with focused feedback on a certain area that your schoolwork is focused on (ie grammar and spelling for a unit on technical skills, or world building for a creative writing unit). struggling with science? set up a beta team for a simulator project and model your scenarios – whatever the science field may be. something else if you can connect it to hs? propose a new educational topic on it for multimedia (like the game design tips one) here!

category’s not possible but theres tons of ways to get productive help all the same


This makes sense! I hadn’t even thought of it like that, thank you :)


no problem, hope the alternatives are helpful ^~^