[Official] Forum Suggestions Topic

enable voting for the #hopscotch-language-evolution category to easily find out what features are the most popular/most wanted from the community


you can do it here, @Alboy! :)


Okay. Heres my idea then:

A kind of emoji game. I honestly havent thought about what to call it lol
So basically, the starting person puts down any emoji(that’ll be the person who creates the topic prob). The next person has to send an emoji that relates to the emoji before it in some way. This could be any way, like cat to octopus because they are both animals, or :grinning: to :face_holding_back_tears: just because they are next to each other in the emoji menu screen on ipads. But you have to put your reasoning, and you can’t have the same reasoning as the person above you. Also, try not to use the same emoji as someone within about 10 comments as you, so we don’t go in an infinite loop.

(This one is the starting one so it doesn’t have an explanation)

Rando guy walking past and wanted to play:
It’s also a sick emoji

Another random guy:
Eating too much food makes me sick

And so on! Idk, is it a good idea? I like it, hopefully you guys do too.


nice suggestion! if i was you id add one more rule: you cant have the exact reasoning with the near users above you (so that we dont have 10 people saying its emoji is next to each others lol)


There, edited it to add that and not using the same emoji as someone did recently