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small however very important and friendly suggestion: stop putting putting new accounts on hold for leader approval. from what i know, the mods have to do this simply to avoid having alts. in my opinion, this shouldn’t be an entire argument to put every accounts on hold because it is perfectly douable after an account is created. this acc hold thing is not at all friendly because newbies are the most active as soon as they create their account, not 6 hours later after receiving an email or whatsoever. i strongly believe we will notice a small increase of new people if we remove the on-hold thing

and the worst thing is, if i remember well, we cant even view the forum posts after signing up! youre stuck on a screen saying your acc is waiting for approval and you cant even go to the home page lol

this might have already changed from since i joined but im sharing my opinion just in case it didnt

a second suggestion is to make categories page default. pretty user-friendly for newbies, because they wont necessarily be interested in viewing the latest active topic here, they are finding the resources needed to integrate in the community

a third suggestion is to reorganize the categories:

heres how i would reorganize the categories

a non-exhaustive lists of things that can get your post deleted belongs to FAQ category

Frequently Asked Question:
→ perfect!

→ create a sub-category for the forum games. Even though we can organize them with the #forum-game tag, it is not used to find the forum games, it’s only used to identify them. Creating a sub-category will lead us to use it to find the forum games, just like how we use the multimedia sub-cat
→ create a science topic where we can talk and ask questions about science

Debug my code:
→ create a general debug-my-bug topic for small debug requests that doesnt need a whole topic

Bugs with Hopscotch:
→ awesome!

Videos & Learning Resources:
→ too small, doesnt need its own category on the home page, merge into meta hopscotch

Project Updates, Collaborations & Beta Testing:
→ noice! everythings okay!

Competitions & Events:
→ Get rid of the disclaimer, should be something in the terms agreement of hopscotch, not a 4 lines text that another rule tells you to keep it at the top of each topic

Hopscotch Academy:
→ Whats the point of having this category if most of topics in it is in its sub-category lol? Get rid of the sub-category Open Source Code & How Tos, and rename the category to the deleted one

Hopscotch Programming Language Evolution:
→ Not a big deal but many of you will agree that the title is way too long compared to a simple “Hopscotch app suggestion”

Shops & Requests:
→ same comment as comp & events

Meta Hopscotch and Forum:

→ sub-cat of announcement


I like the category layout idea, but I believe you just can’t post when acc is on hold.


it couldve changed but when i joined i just couldnt view the forum at all lol - i was in front of a waiting for approval page which was pretty deceiving because i remember i was excited to join


I think these are pretty well-considered and reasonable suggestions — thanks for taking the time to write it up.

Will just add a few quick comments at first:

That is quite true that most of the topics are in the subcategory — this makes sense to me.

If you click on the tag name itself, you can find a list of all the forum games:

Does that fit the use case you’ve brought up here? A user could also add this tag to their sidebar if they want to access it easily.

I do think that not being able to the view the forum would have been pretty frustrating — sorry that was the experience you had.

New accounts should be able to view the forum when their post is on hold now. I think Discourse (the forum software) has improved the experience over the years.

It is indeed a bit of a wait between making the first post and getting it approved, and I can definitely see how that would be a deterrence to participating.

I think that the alt account situation has much subsided as you’ve said, and these days we get only a few spam accounts from random websites here and there. These posts could be flagged rather than holding all users for approval. And if we do have alt accounts, we could put them back on hold (silenced).

We would need further internal discussion before making a change here.

We’d need to come to a consensus for most changes but I do think these are worth keeping in mind. A lot of the forum structure has been set up to fit situations from older times, but the community has changed since then now.


so i won’t explain why i am against the upcoming new rule for portfolios in the dht because my post would be full of personal attacks, so i will rather explain some others changes id bring on top of the new rule if i was able to do it :)

1) If there is no limit for portfolios, don’t make it mandatory to post images in that topic. having the rule to post images in the dht while youre having a conversation is really disturbing/annoying [1]. if there’s no limit, no need to absolutely post images in the other topic :)

2) Allow photography. photography is another type of art, and i still dont see why its prohibited. as long as it’s a zoomed-in photography with no clear distinguishable background, it should be allowed, no pi would come from for example an ikea #817271 white table. examples of photography is the moon, a ladybug, a staging of school materials, the alphabet in a poetic way, etc etc. photography involves tons of things such as spectacular lighting, camera angle, focus, contrast, etc and i strongly believe it should be something encouraged here :D i love photography if you ask me, so thats also why im strongly against the absolutely no-photo rule here

3) three is personal topic to keep artworks organized but i removed the paragraph, it wouldnt really work

  1. cant get the right word to explain my point here but basically, what i mean is we cant have a conversation on two topics lol ↩︎


These are now done so far!


awesome! :D


Hopscotch Academy will be missed!

Rip @/WynterDiamond @/Yusamac205 it appears hopscotch academy 3 failed, it was worth a try


Everyone is still very welcome to post Hopscotch Academies in the new #open-source-code category! It’s just that it’s been merged into one category now.


We’ve also implemented a change for new users – they will no longer have posts held in approval. This should make it easier for new people to get started on the forum!

On the rare occasion that we do get spam/promotional material on the forum (from random websites), people can flag the post. If there are enough flags, it will automatically be hidden and leaders can handle it later on. Same with any other posts that might require staff attention.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts/suggestions.


The users page gets cut off weirdly on desktop mode, since the center bubble doesn’t fill as much of the screen as it could at higher resolutions. You can’t see all the columns at once.


Hey @moderators

I made a theme and was wondering if y’all could consider something, like this


Btw here is my color scheme, it will not get you the same gradient effect but it would get you something simular to it


maybe tag mods, leaders can’t control the forum settings.


since when did you get so many notifs


I have a lot


Thanks for the suggestion and cool theme! We can definitely think about this.
In the meantime, you can use a browser extension to style the forum if you want to create your own custom theme:


Wow this is really nice! I would like this post but I unfortunately cant


yeah, running out of likes is the worst


Hey, thanks the reply!