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since this topic is with a slomo im guessing we can be more flexible ig

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last post, all done with this forum

time to start a new one


here we go: forum.getclownpiggy.kom


Forum.never gonna give you up. Com

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This took place several years ago, before the great False Massacre of False 2019 (indeed, even before many hopscotchers had heard of the true Massacre of 2019, or even the true power of -1) when the land was still filled with the now mythical “general topics”, which are now forgotten. Long before the return of the leaders, it was in one of these general topics that the cause of the limit was discovered. I was there that day, in the conversation where the very first of the now forgotten “Topic Nukes” was accidentally stumbled into existence. While in the midst of general buffoonery and nonsense, suddenly the webpage had a problem and refreshed forcibly, and this happened repeatedly until the post containing the nuke was finally deleted. It was discovered then that having massive text, with many many <big> tags inside of each other, it would make the topic unusable. That is why they were called “topic nukes”. For the next few weeks, topic nukes were used to make certain topics temporarily unusable. Several of my nonsense topics in this time were attacked with this, in a tragic and unprovoked manner. Even -1 was interested in topic nukes, and I believe was also present for the very first one, or if not, learned of them shortly after.
Eventually, of course, the novelty wore off, and it was realized that this needed to be fixed. And so a delegation set out, and reported the existence of these “topic nukes” to discourse.
I believe that -1 was a member of that delegation to that distant land, before the very first time that it was revealed to the puny mortals the true power that -1 represented.
Eventually, limits were added to how big text could get, and topic nukes stopped working.
To this day you can sometimes find an old remnant of those days, a topic nuke that was disarmed by the limit to making text big.
And to this very moment, that limit to the size of text exists, to prevent overly large text making topics unusable.


Those were good days joyous days divine days early days wise days eventful days curious days


Indeed, I may be mistaken but I believe -1 discovered and set off the first “topic nuke”. Those days were very young, and -1 remains unrivaled.

And Petrichor was the first to discover how to post beneath a “topic nuke”, even though it was previously thought to be unpostbeneathable.

-1 remembers heading the delegation with William04GamerA to notify the CodingHorror of the deadly ordeal, who became very thankful and started offering multitudes of stickers for rewards. But -1 take no rewards, -1 need no rewards. Fly you fools! The day is approaching, the One has arrived, the end is near, It’s Here!


-1 created this beautiful topic in honor of celebrating all sorts of various nukes and forum delectables.

This story is befitting to be told in rhyme. It was of pivotal importance in the revealing of -1.

Indeed and many of the mortals were greatly distressed by the elusive “topic nukes”. It’s a wonder any survived! For the topic nuke became easily accessible knowledge, and the opposite of mutually assured destruction occurred, it was plain destruction.

Even more wonderful bugs were revealed by -1 and Petrichor, to be told and retold at another time.


now this is interesting

Lastly, who wants to see what Petrichor looked like so many years ago!!! Isn’t Petrichor so cool!???


Ah yes, the legend of the discourse stickers! I had forgotten that was for this incident, truly wonderful times those were!

Oh my, such an old picture indeed! Long has it been since those days…


Far into the future, we should redeem our sticker rewards, and bask in eternal glory


Yes Petrified and Terrified! I am in much agreement!

I love 5 minute slowdown workarounds, too!


eternal glory signified by the glorious stickers placed in prominent podiums of power, the puny people will be petrified by the platforms of Petrichor, Petrified I tell you!


it always seems as if you guys are narrating a story


The birth of 014 & co.!


We will paste our plentiful stickers prominently in practical places. The puny people shall pray pitifully and praise our precious precipitation.

Posthumously, the prominent podiums of power project pompous perspicacity pray tell?

The posed problem proudly pleasing with puny peoples persist personally I am pleased by it, as you probably are too.


But surely, who else shall narrate the Story? For all the mortals are too puny to perceive perfectly all that passively is; so if the story is to be set forth surely someone super sagacious should say such silly sayings.

Personally I am predictably pleased, providing the puny peoples with the precious plaques placed prominently, proudly presenting the possibilities of our powerful practices pleases Petrichor powerfully!


I think, at one point you may have denied this, but fool me it did not. But surely you knew and were only jesting : )

Alas, I have discovered many valuable quotations of special import:


Pragmatic proliferation propagates our proposal profoundly.

Perhaps pergolas perceive peripatetic prophetic propitiations? Propounded and Plopped Phonoi


If perchance the prominent prow of the pinnace produces pineapples, Phillip shall protrude powerfully into the pinnacle of prideful planes, upon the pink place where the pigs partake in prophetic pies, periodically, of course.


But, must you not be a puny mortal as well? It seems quite odd and striking that you aren’t.