Official Explanation


Lately, i've seen a couple users using the word "official" the wrong way.

An official thing is approved or created by some kind of leader of the community in which it is posted, in our case THT or a former leader/mod.
This means you can't just put "Official ....." in the title and expect your thing to be the one that everyone has to use.

One example that correctly uses the word is the Official Mass Tag List, made by a mod.

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I have seen it being used incorrectly and I think that this is a good clarification. :smile:



:clap:🏻 well said!


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I agree! Someone made a topic, and when I said that there was already another topic just like it, the user said that it was ok because hers was the official one.


That's a good pun XD


I'm sorry, but I'm the official Kiwicute2013 and all of my topics are the official ones.

Sorry not sorry. I'm just a super star.




So you are saying this title is wrongly using it?


Official - adj. - relating to an authority or public body and its activities and responsibilities.


I think it's okay for general topics


So it's officially MY General Topic.


Is this title wrongly used?


I don't think we need to put the word official in every title, except if it is made by a mod or THT. @TheRealBlah



How. Did. This. Get. Nice. Post. :0



I've been seeing it a lot. This should be punished with a warning from THT.


It's not that deep...

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I replied to you because you deserve tons of activity xD