Official coding partner topic



Find your coding partner!

what is this?

Hey so u know how everyone is paring up and then other peeps don't know who is left to be with so peeps this is the place to find out!!!

what do you mean? And yes I quoted Justin Bieber

Well edit here u and ur partner or if ur looking for one put ur name in the lonely box then post what kind of person your looking for and I will partner you up with someone

heres where the fun begins!


@Jess888 and @Candycane
@KVJ and @Candycane

tankt2016 (girl), Fintastic05, Sweetlina, & StarKid

im lonely list lol (want a partner?):

People who don't want a partner at all:

Mass tag list

KawaiiLover needs an idea!

Um, There's Is Already A Similar Topic Like This @Jess888


No it's not thats find a friend for the forum and mine is find a hopscotch partner to code with


That's find a fren, like a person you talk to on the forum.
This is find a coding partner. Someone you make projects with :D


THANKYOU @smishsmash for explaining this is just so we can keep track of who is acailable and who needs a coding partner


Sorry, but there is already a topic about this. :frowning:



There not the same that's for finding a partner and this is a place where u put who is ur partner and who hasn't got one because people who need a partner can then come here go to the lonely list and put it in there I need a partner topic or peeps can see who works with who so there not the same


OK I'm confused.........


The lonely list? That doesn't mean they are lonely.


Your trying to much to be leader -____-


Guys I'm guessing this is a find-a-coding-partner/directory-of-coding-partners :wink:


@KVJ are we still coding/collab parters lol




So much progress has been made (!)


Ikr? We've gotten totally so far(!)


I mean, we are nearly ready to publish (!)


Yeah(!) just gotta add the final few touches :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Few? Nothing else needs to be done with it (!)


Well, we don't need to refine anything either ...(!)


Basically we are done (!)