Official apology


I am sorry.

I really feal like I have done some bad stuff here

I want to have fun here but some times with what I'm going through it's hard to have fun with anything

So please forgive me special apology to

I am so sorry....


You haven't done anything wrong recently. You're okay, to me. :slight_smile:



Idk why I'm replying but nice apology, even if it were not intended for me! :smiley:


That's my main reason for confusion :laughing:


I spelled the title right for ya.

And it's fine. We all make mistakes


Well I have been mean to certain people and it makes people sad because peoples friends and stuff and yeh


I haven't seen any of that :0

And like above, everyone makes mistakes. Just learn and move on :smiley:


I dunno what u did but :blush: that u apologized


The key word in my post is "recently". :slight_smile:


I dunno why are you apologizing?


Just learn from your mistakes!


what did you do wrong? You're really nice!


It's okay, man, we are friends.