Offer Support Please



Lazylizard recently announced that she is leaving and feels horrible. Please everyone, offer your support and tell her we care. Please no one tag her until we have plenty of support.

Should Lazylizard stay?

  • Absolutely
  • She is awesome
  • meh
  • We will miss her
  • Whatever



I really don't know this, but I don't think she should feel bad about herself. She has our support


LazyLizard is so amazing and she gives so much awesome help, and I love her personality. I really hope she doesn't leave.


You should add a I am crying as I think of it option becuase that's how I am...


We love you! Don't go!


Stay we has cookies too ;-;
(The dark side's are oatmeal raisin)

But stay even if you're gluten free ;-;


Lol @justanerd!
I sincerely hope LL isn't planning to leave! She is an amazing Hopscotcher and friend. When/where did she say she was going to leave??


It's called Time for a Change.


Thanks, guys!

Horseflowernc showed me the messages at school which made my day!

I won't be on as much in the upcoming days.


Aw... :frowning: sorry to hear that, LL...