Offensive post about me



Someone made a offensive post about me because I stated why a topic wasn't nice. Here's the pic:

After I said that, the topic closed.

Can a leader or someone delete that or something?

Important note: @LazyLizard did not say that! The post was editable, and someone edited it.

This is really offensive, I was just trying to help!


I saw it, do you want me to edit it out?


Hmm who edited it @lazylizard?


Yah! My ipad is glitching and I can't!


What the heck?! That was rude, @LazyLizard!


LazyLizard didn't say it. It was an editable post so someone edited it in.



Oh no, it wasn't @LazyLizard. :wink:
It was actually @PercyJackson9.


I knew @LazyLizard would never say things like that! They are a very nice person


I already said that! I am not mad at him!


Thanks everyone for the help and support!

Question: do you think I was rude? I was just saying that making a post for only 9 year olds could make people feel left out..


Okay, maybe we shouldn't start a flame war.


You're overdoing it. The things that unite us is the fact that we're all different. You can't blame someone for forming a club about one of their attributes...



Umm what happened? I saw you needed an editable post and... I can check editing history. I never would say that. @Kiwicute2016 what should I do?


Sorry. I just wanted to know if I was being mean. Thanks everyone for the help. Please don't start any flame wars. So sorry. Please don't flag!



Keep it friendly. Some posts on this weren't well-worded and could have been very offensive, remember read your posts and think of someone said that to me would it be kind or mean!


I'm a she, and what did "I" say?


No I don't think that was rude, you were just stating your opinion.


I understand you didn't do it! I am in no way blaming you! :blush::grinning:!

Alright everyone, I just wanted help to edit this out, since I can't! ( arghhh iPad glitching, can't edit things!)
I don't want to start a war, so for the best, I'm going to ask leaders to close this.

@Kiwicute2016, @Anonymous, @PopTart0219, please close.


Somebody edited your post on a topic and added an offensive message.