Off topic things like



So I've seen a lot of off topic things in the forum on topics. They are set up like this

for you

hey guys there should be more emojis


for @Maltese

hey Maltese want to get on hs and spam like?

When the topic is about collars or something completely different. Just a reminder that this should be put on something like a general topic or one that matches what it's about.


Should this be allowed?

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


There's a lot of topics about this that are a lil' more helpful...



I searched nothing came up. That's actually semi rude.


Someone already made a topic about it. :slight_smile:


What's it called can you give me the link


It's by Gabe_N, but it's closed.


Also, it is about how it is it is off topic and personal and it says in a negative way so it is different and I did not say how almost everything on the forum is off topic and personal. He also does what I'm talking about @MiracleShoutouts


Good message, but this is in a few other topics. :slight_smile:


Ok. Thanks. I've seen a lot of this recently