Off topic posts! How to deal with them!


ok, so ive noticed a lot of posts that arent hopscotch related, and heres my opinion about them.

What happens when you post them

when you post a off topic post, youre gonna get flagged. And people are going to tell you to get on topic. You cant post something unrelated, then get mad when people tell you to get on topic.

When you see something off topic

dont say something like "OMG get on topic stop". Say something nicer, like, "Hey, remember to stay on topic". That sounds much nicer!

friendly reminder

Always keep all posts related!


Tips to stay on topic:

If you want to say something off topic, say something on topic, then sneak in something off topic!

Just keep in mind, everyone makes mistakes! If you're off topic a few times, it's ok!

If you need to, reply has a linked topic!

How to deal with unnecessary topics (New and helpful with current issues)

Great post! @bluedogmc-official





Agreed! :D

I have to say, sometimes I get a bit off-topic... XD

It's usually because I wanna give someone I like a compliment. :)

Nice topic! Definitely what we should do! :D


It's ok, just try your best to stay on topic!


I will, thanks for the reminder! :joy:


I think many people would like to see this topic. Thanks, @bluedogmc-official.


Nice! @bluedogmc-official