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i want an off topic board when we are bored.(pun intended)we can talk about non-hopscotch things, play forum games, and RP. who thinks this is a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No



Well, this forum is made for hopscotch related posts/questions, so becoming off topic kind of defeats the point of the forum being hopscotch related


but @InnerSparkle this way everything off topic can come here and we can talk and not always on hopscotch related things
gives a little more fun as long as it doesn't get to off topic I vote yes


I hope this is okay :3


I'm going for a...

I donno

I see that some forums have places which are meant for off topic stuff, but then off topic stuffs might go out of hand!


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Actually, that makes more sense.. Chatting on Hopscotch does clutter it...


why more chatting on forum?


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@Rawrbear @seawolfwerehorse @Hermione this is just in relation to the off-topic tag, as @InnerSparkle said:

I don't think we should use the off-topic tag as it will just encourage more off-topic posts which isn't what the forum is for :wink: If something is going a little off-topic, let the post-creator know (just Iike you have been). Most of the things you've added the 'off-topic' tag to are okay and related to Hopscotch so don't worry :smile:

On the topic of tags to @Gabe_N as well, if you think a topic should be closed then just let me know rather than adding the 'abandoned' tag which is what closing the topic means – there will be no more replies :smiley:

For more info go here


Yeah, I agree! I was just referring to the off-topic tab for posts that aren't questions, they're silly things like these threads! :wink:

This one's for you, @t1_hopscotch! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It's fine, we can live without it! :yum:


Escuse me, is why did you tag me?


Hi @Stampys_fans I think the topic you made about pronouncing my name had the "off-topic" tag which I've removed now, and I thought you might have put it in.

If you didn't put it in, then I'm so sorry for the confusion and the site should have shown who changed it, but if you did use it then that's completely okay too and I was talking about not using the "off-topic" tag so I thought I would let you know.

And that's completely fine @Rawrbear thank you for understanding :smile: and I get those were mostly just curiosity about something on Hopscotch or the forum which is absolutely okay.


I honestly have nothing hopscotch related to talk about.