Off maybe for a while


Yesterday a swimmer went in to swim while it was double red flag no swimming. He was struggling so 2 men went out to save him and only 2 people returned the struggle person and one of the rescuers. The other rescuers body was found today. He is dead because of that man while he was on vacation.
We were looking for him this morning.

I'm going to be off for a while. It was at our beach while we are on vacation.


I'm sry to here that. If you feel comfortable saying, where did this happen? I'm currently on a beach vacation right now too.


Yes I am completely comfortable saying it

Panama City beach. We are staying one city over soo


Oh I'm sorry to here that @Murphy1. But how come you will be off because of that? (Just wondering)


That's sad. So did you see it happen or not?

If your not comfortable talking about it you don't have to reply :slight_smile:

We will miss you when your not on :blush:


Yes ;-;


Oh. I'm really sry. I understand if you need to take awhile off. That is sad.


Did you know that person? I'm sorry ;-;


No. But I saw him though


Oh that's sad


Well. Sad to see someone dying nearby. Well he is hopefully in a good place now, bye.


More than sad.


Really sorry to find out about that!! Saw it just now on my General topic…

Take as long as you need!


I know


@kvj there was absolutely no chance of him being alive we just hoped for the best When I told you before


Hoping is good except when it doesn't happen : (


It was probably bad for us to hope.

I'm getting off know. Ta ta!


I'm back on for a little. They released the name...


Wait a second...the story is on the news right now!

The guy was from the state I live in, so our state mourning is him right now.
I'm sorry you had to experience the drowning, @Murphy1 ;-;


Oh, MN?

Wait your state is mourning what I had to see? XD