Off for a while


Ok guys.....I'm not going to be on very much. Ethan jut died. I'm extremely depressed. I'll try to be on tomorrow....maybe....:pensive: if I'm up to it.....if you don't know who Ethan is, he was my good friend who was jealous of my best friend in Australia. :+1: Sorry for the news guys...


Your friend in real life died? Omg I'm so sry. Hope your ok :relieved:


I'm so sorry. If there is anything I can do to help, I'll help.

Just remember happy memories of him.

You can take a break from Hopscotch if you'd like, I know how it feels to be torn between HS and IRL.

We will support you! I'm sure Ethan was a great person. I see you're upset. I'm sorry. That must be terrible for you.

I'll try to help in any way. He must have been an amazing friend. It's hard to lose someone. Depression is very hard. We will help you get through it.


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. ;-;

Your friend must've been a fantastic person. I completely understand if you want to take a break from HS for a while.

Again, I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon. ;-;


you take as much time as u need the grieving process is a long road


I'm so sorry about that. Hope things get better!! Hope to see you soonish but take however long you need!


I'm sorry. That's awful. I don't know anyone who died. How long was he alive after the car crash? I'm so sorry. It'll be okay though, right? (Eventually, anyway.) I'm sorry I'm so bad at being sympathetic, no matter how hard I try.


Oh my gosh that's awful. He must have been a great person, and nobody deserves to have horrendous tragedy in their life.

Please, feel free to take a break, and stay determined, brave, kind, patient, and try to be happy through this awful time.


I am so sorry for you. I hope you can get through the depression during your break from HS.:disappointed_relieved:

Again, I am so, so, so sorry for you.


I am very sorry for your loss @S.O.S_Art. I think I can speak for everybody on the forum that we all wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope you feel better about it soon and when you come back we will all be here.


I am SO sorry. :frowning: If you need cheering up or somebody to talk to, tag me and I'll help, I am SO sorry! I really hope you are okay! I would be devasted. I'm SO sorry! Everybody understands that you need a break from HS and the forum. The forum will be here for you.


Ethan was probably a great person. I am so sorry to hear that he died. :cry:


Well I've never experienced this on a personal level but the pain is terrible I believe. I hope your friend is in a better place and that you feel better!


I am so sorry ;-;
This is very terrible D:

He was probably an amazing person :D
I hop you feel better soon :)

Just remember he's in a better place now C:


Omg im so sorry... ;-;
Im not good at emotional talking so i dont know what to say...
Im so sorry...


I always don't like the pity so

He must have been a great friend. Take as long as you want off.

Maybe it would help to tell someone about all the stuff you liked about Ethan!


I guess I'll try that..... well he was always very close to me. But when he found out that I was in a relationship with Zac he got mad....anyway! He was so nice! He would help me with school, he bought me a pair of my favorite PJ pants, he would always make me laugh, oh and he had a cat named marshmallow that would always lick my feet when I went over his much as I wish this was's I just really want him back....


Well times are always a changin', and people must move on after tragic events and not let them scar you.


Again, Im sorry. It's going to get better very soon, I promise :disappointed_relieved:


How did he die?(who's zack?)