Odd bug-color emojis!


No fix in latest update Right?


You can also do this.
When is Tapped -> Repeat Forever -> Change colour

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Hey remember @CreationsOfaNoob, Angry bird project? They had this to color the birds and pigs. I discovered this glitch from him.


No you can’t – Emojis don’t change

I actually discovered this, check my “Rainbow Cookie” project

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Your old friend from last year who didn’t really appreciate this bug being reported


Thank you for that title change

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Dude, delete your tag, too.

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Why? :disappointed: (I changed the tags to remove the glitch tag but if you say so)


If somebody patches this, I blame you. This “bug” (feature) is very useful as it lets me change the color of emojis such as the Mac (:desktop_computer:) in Minigames as well as things I can use for icons (:white_large_square::white_medium_small_square::white_circle::volleyball::fog:) for customization. Can we just make this a “tutorial” topic or deprecate it? This topic didn’t need a revive to begin with.


If it doesn’t work as intended, it’s a bug. Even if noone changes it. The classic “bug is now a feature”


Did this get fixed? Unless I’m doing something wrong, it no longer working for me


  • text with emoji (on stage)
  • Set Image (blank)
  • Set Color

[Edit] This is the right way the get it

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Set image (text(blank))
Set color
Let’s not revive this

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Ah. Thanks.

And I wouldn’t worry. I really doubt THT would go out of their way to change this behavior. It’s used in a project they selected for game changers, so they must see it as value added.


Yes, but I’d rather not revive the topic, I think asking this on a gt makes more sense. I was pretty happy that it stayed for coan’s angry birds and my Minigames for a few updates and game changer, but you never know


I see your point of view and understand the concern, but I respectfully disagree :slightly_smiling_face:

Propagating the use of this “feature” (which requires making other users aware of and able to use it) and letting it gain popularity is the best way to ensure THT doesn’t accidentally “fix” it, since they wouldn’t want to take away an aspect of their platform that the community likes.

Besides, on general principle, THT would want the community to share features (even if they’re unintended features) that add value to their platform. In other words, if you find something cool, share it.


I just mean this topic specifically, it just feels like it’s a bug report rather than sharing uses of it, but teaching others is definitely a positive


I mean, it’s pretty cool

As @ThinBuffalo said, you should quit worrying.

If it’s in the game changers section, it’ll be probably not removed

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I know this will be helpful for you @OnioXer


Yeah, I suppose so…