Ocean Game Collab! (No Spots!)



I was thinking, and I want to be a part of a big game again. I was thinking of an AWESOME team of coders to help make a 1st person 2.5D game where you are underwater, and you have to hunt for different marine animals.

People who I would like to join, but they do not have to:

@DancingLollipop, @UptownStudios- You are both great with visual things, so you two could create a realistic ocean scene!
@Rawrbear- You're really good with innovative controls. You could create some awesome controls!
@Crazy_Crawfish- You're super great at creating great ideas and cool layouts. You could help make the overall layout of the game!
@Follow4LikesOfficial- You have super great music skills, and no game is complete without music! You could make super cool, energetic music for the game!
@randomowlsLC, @SmilingSnowflakes- I love your designs and characters! You could both create some awesome fish and other sea animals!
@PopTart0219- You're super great with values! You could handle the score and some of the other value related things!
@Kiwicute2016- You're great with movement! You could create the unique movements of all the animals!

I really want this to work out! I would create a collab account to work on it, but to join, you must first be evaluated by me, and also have a Hopscotch email!




Sure, it would be fun taking place in this! And yes, I love values :wink:


This will be cool 2.5D


@Gilbert189 I can do the visual part!


Cool I'm in!


Could've sworn I put you in! You can work with @DancingLollipop!



I'm not that good...


Wrong person, I guess...:sweat_smile: Anyone who can do 2.5D?


Can I do something that does not involve a lot of coding, it's fine if u say no


What is 2.5D??? A code or something??


I have done one FPS game but you don't move around in that...


It's like minecraft or sims or are life is 2.5D!


I would love to help with designing the characters! What type of sea animals and fish do you need? :D


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Well, don't start yet, obviously!:wink: But squid, a couple types of fish, Sharks, octopus, and crabs! Is that too much?


If I can help with one thing can I help with another??


Nope! I can do it. :D
Do I have to use shapes, or can I use trails? :D


Well, it's gonna add points when it's tapped, so I would steer towards shapes.:wink:


Well, I don't really know what you're good at!


Okay! I just wanted to ask before I start before I start planning. :D