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OC stands for Original Character.

Here's basically a place for anyone else that likes making OCs. Do whatever you want that's OC related, from drawing them to coding them. (I know topics like this have been made, but I believe most of those were only for coded OCs. Here you can also talk about drawing them, or making a game based around them.)


Hmm... A long time ago on hopscotch i had an oc named Sunny. But I have some new OCs!


This topic is

In a good way XD


I only have two OCs right now, but i will have more soon.


My Ocs!

Summer-Girl,Glowing Golden hair,Always wears bright yellow,Has fire and light powers activated by her ruby necklace,Very bouncy and happy,13 yrs old
Winter-Girl,Summer's twin, Dark silver hair, Always wears dark colors,Sarcastic and gloomy,Has ice and shadow powers activated by her green ring,13yrs old.


Is it okay if I add the OMTL (Official Mass Tag List)?


@DiamondDragon have seen the OMTL, but do you know how i could be on it?


I have a wolf OC named Snowi. She is gray with white tips on her ears, cheeks, and feet. She is also exited and outgoing.


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Great idea, @we2fd_the_cat!

I have 14 (or 15 idk XD) OC's, so I'll make sure to post some drawings of them here! :D


I have a few OCs (Mellodii E., Akida B., Dechord E., Katticus O.) that are all part of a general storyline. Other than Mellodii, they're all really under-developed, haha. Mellodii's the only one I have actual flaws and such set out for.

Nice topic, @we2fd_the_cat.


this looks like a fun topic :00


i was looking at writing prompts (it was something like "witch accidentally summons a demon: discuss") and these Gal Pals™ happened :+1::+1:


Great topic @we2fd_the_cat!
I have 20+OC

Wildwhisker: a sky clan warrior (girl)
Ebonyheart: Wildwhiskers mate (long story) (boy)
Ebonylash: Ebonyhearts former mate (girl)
Shredclaw: former mate of Wildwhisker (boy)
Luna Heart: a MLP character from the lost land of the alicorns (girl)
Shooting Star: queen of all the alicorns (girl)
Stormy Storm Cloud: sister of Shooting star (girl)
Octave note: evil, siren like unicorn (girl
Siren's Song: Octave note's evil twin (girl)
Vanilla twilight: an alicorn (girl)
Strong Heart: female Royal guard, of the alicorns (girl)
Ditzy: drun.k (like) pony (girl)
Lou-Lou: faceless random cat(girl)
Durp: Lou-Lou's random sis (girl)
White frosting: alicon (girl)
Chocolate frosting: alicorn (girl)
Rosestar: Skyclan leader (after Thornstar her mate) (girl)
Thornstar: mate to Rosestar (boy)
Bloodpool: former mate to Thornstar (girl)
Grass: mother of Rose (later Rosestar) (girl)
Sap: sister of Rose (later Rosestar) (girl)
Hate: spirt of Lou-Lou (see above) (genderless)
Strife: spirt of durp (see above) (also genderless)
Flamestar: leader before Thornstar (see above) (boy)
Dogworm: evil cat who lurks in Skyclan (male)

I will be posting the back stories for all of these characters!

First up Lou-Lou!


Cool! I have also recently gotten NoName active again.
She's not a drawn OC, but here it is.


Of course when I make a topic exactly like this it gets ignored and when you make it everyone loves it XD


Oh, well...


Any way...
I'm bored, so here's stuff about Lou-Lou

Name: Lou-Lou
Age: 1,000+
Gender: female
About: Lou-Lou is a tourtured soul that escaped from he.ll long ago.
She is constantly on the run from her master "Hate", who seeks to bring her back to he.ll forever more.
(Sorry if this is disturbing...)

Name: Durp
Age: 1,000+
Gender: female
About: Durp, the younger sister of Lou-Lou, lives in heaven, though like her sister is being hunted down by someone, in her case "strife"

Name: Hate
Age: 1,000,000+
Gender: genderless
About: Hate is actually not alive, never has been, never will be.
Hate is merely a thing that lurks in the deepest part of us all, though Hate can still be found on the occasion in he.ll

Name: Strife
Age: 1,000,000+
Gender: genderless
About: like Hate, Strife is only a thing not a cat/human


Cool! Those are a lot of ponies XD I used to have a few, like one named Clover Leaf. Ironic to her name, she didn't believe in luck. Lou-Lou reminds me of a character in animal crossing, I forget her name, but she's basically a white faceless cat who wants you to draw a face on her. It's weird XD


Sorry, I thought that was only for coded OCs...


By the by, I already posted about half my OCs bios to the drawing topic, but here they are.

You may recognize a few from when I was on hopscotch... I think my last drawing there was a drawing of Vincent. I'm still trying to find a name for Malcolm... I want something that's pretty common, but fits him. Surprisingly hard for me XD