OC Story? Join!


I'm writing a new story!
I'm sorry, I have abandoned Hopscotch Prison.
Ok, if you want your OC in the story fill out this form.

OC name:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Coded or Drawn:

My OC Flame will be in it.
Anyone else's?


Do I have any?
WHO IS MY FRENS?????????


I think you need to tell the Hopscotch Prison people that you are done.


Do you have OC? You join? You have OC? I sorry, my speech is broken. You be frens? @Kitkat26


Sure, but what about the people in your other story? Will they be disappointed? If you are going to abandon this one like you did the other one, I'm not signing up for anymore.


OC name: Kira
Hair color: Bright Red
Eye color: Light green
Clothes: t shirts and shorts
Username: Kitkat26


Your username is DivaGirl08? And you forgot part of the sign up. XD




Oh sorry! I thought you wanted the username Kira would have not my username.


Coded or Drawn: Drawn
Extras: Nothing.


Here is a pic of her:


@IShallNotBeNamed, can NoName be in it?


Here's the topic.


OC name: Ayano (Ah-yan-oh)
Hair color: light purple (like a lavender) that's long with two long right and left pigtails from the side
Eye color: red
Clothes: idk how to describe but a picture?

Coded or Drawn: i made her on roblox but I drew her
Extras: she has a sword, with a red handle and silver blade.
Username: iReesesCup

Here's a picture


Ok, first she's so pretty!
And second, YOU PLAY ROBLOX???
What's your username?


My user is JigglyPuff1231


I will go send a friend request! Unless you have 200, do you?




Ok! I will send now!


I have sent! My username is the same!