OC Birth (Book 1) (Chapter 1, 2)



Chapter 1

Rubystar (dats me, dats my new username)was drawing. She decided she would draw a new OC. She began to draw, she was using @PopTart0219's draw pad. A much used draw pad. She was experimenting with hot colors and began to draw a person.
It was a girl. The girl had bright ginger hair to her waist. Her blue eyes were the only cold color in the picture. She wore a light orange dress with a red star on it. The girl also had light skin. Rubystar thought for a minute
Her name is Flame! And Flame was born.
Rubystar clicked the ••• at the top of the screen. She change the title My New OC, Flame! Rubystar clicked Publish and the project appeared on Newest.
Rubystar got off her iPad and began to draw on a peice of paper. On the fourm she had created a challenge called EKC's 10 Day OC Challenge. She was doing it herself. The first challenge was to draw your OC sleeping. So Rubystar got to work. She drew and Drew and drew, a bed perfect for Flame with oranges and reds. Then, she added Flame lying in the bed. "Perfect!" Said Rubystar.
Rubystar went on the fourm the next day and posted her picture on the drawing topic.

You are not in this chapter but you will be in the others.
You two, and anybody else who wants to be in the story please describe exactly how you drew and came up with your OC.
Also, if you want your OC to be in this book, describe what it looks like to me and add a picture.
Don't forget to tell me how it was drawn and how you came up with it.

Chapter 2

Kitkat26 was drawing an OC. She began by drawing the hair and then the head and then the face. She had bright red hair, light skin and light green eyes. Then she drew the body, arms and legs. Then finally added the clothes. The OC was named Kira. Kira was tall and wore a light blue t-short that said in red Ball and jeans. Kitkat26 had wanted her OC to be the exact opposite of her. Or how she wanted to look. (Sorrz this is a short chapter. You didn't give me much to work with.)

@Kitkat26, you are in this chapter.
I need you guys to describe how you came up with the OC. How you drew it, or how you coded it. Maybe throw in how many likes you got on it if you did it on Hopscocth. @IShallNotBeNamed, I need you to describe also how you updated NoName.
Other Hopscotchers who wanna be in it, please describe your OC to me. It can be coded or drawn, @EmmabugOnTheForum.


I drew Kira starting with the head and face, then continuing with the body, and finally adding clothes.

I came up with my OC becuase I wanted someone the exact opposite of me. Basically, what I would look like if I could change myself.

Kira is tall, has brownish red hair, green eyes, pale skin, always smiling, loves to wear t shirts and shorts, and has a very lean figure.

Here is a pic:

Let me know if you need me to tell you something else about Kira.


Are you accepting coded OCs too?


@EmmabugOnTheForum, yes.
@Kitkat26, thanks!


@iReesesCup, I need you to explain why you made Ayano and where. Then explain how you made her and how she transferred to Hopscotch.


I made my oc by playing a roblox game, I'm pretty sure it was a roleplay. You could customize your character, I've been through many designs but that's what I stuck with.

Her outfit always revolves around light colors and black. The first outfit I made her in was a blue tee shirt with a black collar and sorta like sweatbands? I don't really know, but that's what I stuck with. She has black pants that were cut out in the knee area. She has messy long hair that goes down to her knees, and two long pigtails. She has black eyes.

I made her personality coward but up for adventure. That's because I gave her this scared face. She carries around a sword with a dark red handle and silver blade.

Here's a picture of what she looks like:

I haven't coded her anywhere in hopscotch, but I may draw her or code her soon!


Here's how it happend...

Well, it was a while ago. Drawing OCs was popular at the time, I didn't participate. At first, I was working on a model, for a shoutout, it was farily simple. After publishing, I played around with the model's code, added details, and even made a few projects with her in it. That's when I decided to make a coded OC, there were quite a few advantages to it. You don't have to draw over and over, code can be very exact, and so much more. When I was done the code, I typed up a personality, but I couldn't decide on a name, so I came upon this, "NoName".That was how it began, the first ever coded OC. Every so often, I got ideas to improve the code, more and more. Some updates hardly did anything, others changed everything, but the biggest update was today's, it was resulting in the HSB update, allowing shades to be made faster. I used much more than the 3 shades from before, and made a much more accurate colour palette. Then, I changed things overall. The last update was long ago, and lately, my model coding skills got better, so I made her look much more accurate and just better overall, I used a similar style to my self portrait model, the most complex one so far. When I was done, she seemed really different, but much better. That's how it came to be today.


Just wondering, what game?

Sorry If I'm Being A ROBLOX Stalker!


Well o saw Noname and I really liked it so made my own took me 2 days and I did not take any code I just concentrated and her shirt is actually a shirt my sister has and I just found shorts would look good! To my own surprise I got a ton of dares and almost 200 like I was not expecting it at all so I took dares into my own heads and put time and code into each one! I made her a background and I gave her a unquiet shirt I tried to put some detail in shorts I did a lot of set size set angel set color... And it took me a while to get all the shapes exactly where they belong I also made her a song! Yes I did use HSB but I knew 24 in the H could make skin tones and hair colors! Which I always remember!


It's like

Kingdom rp 2 or something idk


She's really cool! I love how you put detail into your OC. If you ever need any coded OC/Model related help, ask me. I'm used to getting the shapes right. Either way, you did amazing!


Revive! I have many OCs, but my favorites are the ones that I call my Imaginary Enemies. They almost all came from dreams, expect for three.
Shadow- I was having this dream where I was at this family's house with a mother and child and father. Suddenly the father told us to run because he was turning into a monster. So we ran to a place filled with gardens, and the monster, a shadowy, skinny, human figure, chased us. His name was Shadow, and he was my first Imanginary Enemy.
Reginia- After the birth of Shadow, I had another dream. In this one, I remember holding a flyer that said,"Reginia is Back!" I soon discovered Reginia was a huge octopus (one would think of Ursula) who hides under furniture to grab at people passing and pulls them under.
Lumonity- Now, this is my favorite Imaginary Enemy to come from a dream. He is a huge Frog King that has beady eyes, wears a crown, and a cape that's green on the inside and a velvet purple on the outside. He has a bunch of little frog minions that try to bite humans to give them this infection where they want to bite other humans. When they bite the other human, that human gets the infection. Once everyone has it, Lumonity will be able to take over the world. When he is near you, you must be completely still or he will attack you.
Crocidilla- She is a female crocodile that was a shadow on the wall of my parents' bedroom. She wears a pink dress and is quite small. She is the least evil of all the IEs.
Miendo- I created this IE to represent the fear that comes from my anxiety. Miendo is the word fear in Spanish. This IE is a short cartoon like character who wears all black expect for his sumbrareo. He dances around you smoothly and says intimadeingly, "But what if it happens now?"
Scream- When Shadow catches you, you become his minion, a Night Keeper. Ruby was a young girl that Shadow caught, and she was so angry that he ruined her life that she became more powerful than him and changed her name to Scream.
Dina- This is a young witch who came from my dream last night. She is a harmful little witch and has a collection of living rats. She is easily distracted. She is the only mortal IE.
In the universe of the IEs, there is a girl, their accidental creator, her name is Emma and she is pretty much me. In my dream from this morning I was in the Hunger Games and allied with this girl and so in the IE universe I've decided she is the only one besides Emma who can see the IEs and is my best friend who helps her fight them. Her name is undecided.