OC adoption contest


Hey y’all! So today I was bored and decided to just hold an OC adoption contest

The way this works is I give you an oc then anyone gives a name, age, personality etc and the best one wins so good luck everyone!



Who wants to adopt her??


Could you make me a pfp @ArtisticCoder


@FRENCH_WAVE123 just give me all the details

Example: Do you want it digital or drawn on paper



Clothes? Do u want it digital or on paper? Do u want anything like cat ears bat wings etc? Plz be very specific! @FRENCH_WAVE123


Ca; it be an up close on the face like @William04GamerA s?with a neon green shirt no excesories please


can i have a request too


ill donate a few ocs here


can i have one too please?


Sure! Go ahead! I’ll be happy to :slight_smile:


Do you want it digital or drawn on paper: digital
Hairstyle: a little above shoulder length straight brown hair
Gender: female
Eyes: really dark brown
Style: any
Clothes: orange t-shirt and shorts
Extra: black wings (if possible)


I’ll try asap! Thank you for giving me a request! It will probably be done in 1-2 days, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me some time!


Hello @Apricity! I’m done with your request, but unfortunately I was unable to do it digitally, as I don’t have my iPad and my laptop doesn’t have any digital art apps. Your request will be posted tomorrow!


ok thank you! :slight_smile: