OC ADOPTION ! (animals, human, weird creatures XD)



You can adopt OCs here!
I will create an OC, and tell you about him or her, if u like it, u can adopt it, it will become your OC, you can fully take control of it
Here's the first OC, anyone want her?

14 years old
Loves sweets

If u have questions plz ask me!


Are we allowed to make our own OCs and let people adopt them?

Also, just wondering, why didnt you do this on the drawing topic?
sorry that sounds super mean doesnt it :cold_sweat:


I don't understand you you want to adopt OCs which were drawn. I think you should create OCs in HS. BTW, what is an OC?

I was just acting smart, I suppose...


OC stands for Original Charcter :D


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I understand it now!

then why will others adopt OCs? OC means original characters right?
Which is still don't understand


Some people want original characters but don't feel they could draw them, so other people put them up for "adoption."