OC 30 Day Challenge!



As far as I can tell, no one has created a topic for this yet. If someone has, I apologize for intruding on peoplez...

Basically, this is like @LotsaPizza 's 30 Day Challenge, where there are prompts and you choose a new one each day, but for each prompt you use an OC, the same one each time. I think it's legal to do the challenge with two OCs at once, or as many as you like, but I'm sticking with one for now.

I'll try to find the prompts I used.

Now I'm going to tag random users who might want to see this.

@LotsaPizza @LotsaApples @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa @XiaoMiaoMi @Maltese @battle_dog @Bananadog @allysaurous.rex @Gemini @Little_Wolf @IShallNotBeNamed @KawaiiAnimeLuver @DragonQueen1 @DragonQueen2 @DragonQueen3 @Colorfly @ColourfulBlack @MegaRayquaza @Hero_Dino @JaszyKake @DancingLollipop

Mostly people in NaturalArt with a few other artists thrown in.

Woo! Yay!
Okie, so I guess in this topic you can throw the results of each prompt and ask questions/comment on anything challenge related only.

Have fun!


What day are we on today? :sweat_smile:


Ya, I'll definitely join!!


You can start any time you want, just as long as you don't skip any days!

( actually, I tend to end up skipping days now and then; but I think it's okay to do it at your lesiure. )


Day 1!


Sorry about the blurry pictures; these were taken with my old iPod.
Her bio is slightly pathetic, and I plan on changing it.


Day 2!

"Eating their favorite food"

Aviva is eating, or rather drinking, a pawpaw smoothie. Pawpaws are tropical-like fruits native to climates like that of the northern United States. They're quite common where Aviva lives.


Day 3!

"Color portrait"

I assumed this prompt was for those who usually sketch their drawings. I already draw in color, so I decided to focus on the "portrait" part. It's not my best work...


Cool! I'll see if I have the time to do this! :D Cool idea! :D

Great drawings! Those are amazing! :D


Ci think I'll do this if I have time!


Day 4!

"Cosplaying as one of your favorite characters"

Even though Ash is a boy, I think Aviva rocked this Pokemon cosplay!


I'll do this. Day one today, isn't it?


Day 5!

"15 min sketch"

There are so many things I would have changed about this drawing, such as the tiny arms and ambiguous legs, but I took the "15 min" part seriously. I didn't add anything after the timer went off.


Day 6!

"In evening wear"

This one happened after I got together with a friend and had a drawing revelation. I paid much more attention to the anatomy and details, and did more research with each drawing. This is one of my favorites!


Day 7!


I'm surprised I actually pulled off this pose. Somehow the drawing lords were in my favor today!


Should I do the OC Challenge on Hopscotch or should I post it here?


Wow! I'm totally going to do this! And since I'm a digital artist mostly and I don't have my iPad, it'll be even more of a challenge!


I will do this!

My drawings are mostly going to be on an iPad though.


this is a great challenge! (set of challenges? XD)

is there some way we can keep this related to hopscotch? it'd be sad to see this closed ^^


I guess if you want to draw digitally using a Draw Pad, you could post your prompts in Hopscotch using the hashtag #30DaysOC.

Also, just an idea off the top of my head, how about the last prompt, which I think is "your choice" can be switched to "code something related to your character"? You could do your character, one of their interests/traits, or make a game with your character in it?


I'll do it!Do we need to post the pictures here? Thanks for tagging!