Obsidian pad: 200+ Drawing Pad. Taking 2 more members. We also need 2 more HSB finders. We are full on beta testers



What is the ObsidianPad? Does this seem interesting?

  • Yes!!!!
  • Meh.


Anyway, this will be the biggest drawing pad Collab. Ever. It will have 216 colors and be a huge project. I will take only five members, so look fast! I also need 5 HSB finders which they will need to find:
16 reds, 16 oranges, 16 yellows, 32 greens, 32 blues, 16 purples/pinks, 16 Browns, 128 tones (skin/hair colors and mainly darker colors), and finally, 24 shades. I will also need 3 beta testers to test things. Anyway, how do you become a member of this Collab?
1. You must have been in a finished art pad Collab
2. You must be very dedicated with your work
3. You must finish assignments on time

If you have any more questions, ask me here. Thanks!


HSB finders:

Beta Testers:


Can Help You On Your Draw Pad???


School? Hopscotch (lel)?


I'll be a tester I made my own pad!


Most assignments will be due on weekends with a large amount of time.


Sure! I'll add you on members. Thanks!


HS? But can I be a beta tester @JonnyGamer?
(forgot I)


Can I be a tester?


Ok! I'll add you on beta testers! Thanks!


I don't allot much of my HS time to collabs, mostly solo projects


Sure! You can be a beta tester!


Can I help @JonnyGamer


Sure! What would you like to be?




Ok! I'll add you to the list!


Can I be an HSB Finder


Sure! We really need your help! Thanks so much


Can I be a beta tester? I know I haven't been in many collabs, but I'd like to be one, unless you have to change a lot of code if there's a glitch. And I'm pretty good at drawing. I'll do my best to finish things on time. I'm pretty dedicated with my work. Can I be a beta tester, @JonnyGamer?


Can I help?
I meat all requirements!


Can i be a beta tester?