Objects Not Showing Up In Player?


Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: My Hopscotch username is -tree frog- (tfs)

What kind of device are you using?: A relatively new iPad Mini

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I exited a project, then went back in, and objects that were showing up in the editor wouldn’t appear in the normal project.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Put objects with code in a draft
  2. Exit the project
  3. Come back to it
  4. Look in editor
  5. Go back to playing mode of the project
  6. Bam, some of your objects that are normal in the editor disappear.

I expected this to happen:
The objects would show up in the project

But instead this happened:
They were completely gone

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

I’d like to add that I checked all of their code, no Invisibility blocks anywhere. All they were coded to do was turn a certain HSB color in an ability with only a Set Color block.

I left the app and went back in, and it was normal when I checked on the draft, but then I played the project a second time and it did it again. :confused:

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This happened to me yesterday. A bunch of objects didn’t appear, but after I exited and went back into the draft they came back. Try refreshing the app, I might’ve done that.


This happens to me as well with the latest App Store version (3.20.0). Exiting the project & returning to it usually fixes the problem (temporarily)

So far in the current Beta (TestFlight) version I haven’t seen this happen, so maybe it was fixed :crossed_fingers: Edit: Nope, not fixed.


This is a really weird bug, and many users noticed it and reported it, so THT will probably get noticed about this issue (if they haven’t already, which they probably have) and fix it.


Hmm that’s strange
I don’t think it happened to me before


I’ve actually emailed the Hopscotch team about this a little while ago, as it was happening to me too. I think they are working on it :D


We have noticed this but don’t have steps to repeat it reliably (sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t). If you can find a way to make it happen repeatedly, it will be easier for us to fix. Thanks!


Okay! I’ll do some experimenting :DD


Okay Liza!! :)


oddly enough, square objects for me are not affected by this when it happens. im guessing that hopscotch is having some loading error. leaving the project and opening it again will most likely fix this.


Does sometimes they disappear or other times become super small? If yes, I’m experiencing the same problem!