Objects are not going invisible when told to (fixed)



I made a game based on the movie “Bird Box” and the “Bird Box Challenge”. Whenever I try making the objects invisible, they don’t do anything.
Here is the link


Hmm, I’ll check it out…


This should help.


Thanks @DECODECO, but I’d there anyway that the objects can be fully invisible and still have the game work?


Whoops, that 100 is supposed to be a 99. Sorry!


Thank you @DECODECO. It works now, do you want credit, or debit. (Sorry bad joke). Seriously do you want any credit?


No, it’s okay. Do you need an explanation of why this works?


Sure, lay it on me please


Invisibility of 100 means that you can’t see the object
Invisibility of 0 means that you can see it normally
Invisibility of 99 means that you can’t see it, but you can still interact with it by touching it.


Thanks @DECODECO for telling me how this works!


I know this is solved but decodeco’s explanation is very good
I hope your project turns out well!


Thank you!


Good luck with the project. Just ask us if you have any more questions!


Thanks for the luck!