Object growing before bumping another object? SOLVED


In my wip project I have an object that should grow and become invisible when it bumps (by dragging the object) the semicircle bowl, only if its Y is greater than 300.
Though it starts growing and becoming invisible immediately at the start of the part of the project where you’re supposed to drag it to the bowl.
Why is this happening?

Also the object is a clone that Set Image to its shape if that makes any difference.

(The object is the rectangle on the right side of the screen, it’s the second clone)


Which object is the bowl?

Edit: and where are they compared to each other on the stage? My only device with a working Hopscotch app is drawing a pixel art at the moment and I didn’t code it very well.


In the pic in the first post the bowl is the large semicircle.


Like, in the editor? Or the player?


I meant inthe editor, but it seems like they never touch before they’re supposed to.

I’m going to go get another ithingy now, I’ll check your code.


I can’t get past the decoration part yet I’ve tapped everything


Wait what
Hm that’s odd
Did you tap the arrow in the bottom corner?




Great game, by the way.

I think it might be a glitch in Hopscotch which is increasing the size of objects for when bumped events if there are lots of clones.

There’s a topic about it.

I moved the bowl to its same position with and x value of 50 instead of 500 and it worked.

The best solution would be to replace when bumps with a conditional when comparing the positions of the two objects.


The size of the bowl is really big, this could make the hit box a bit bigger than the regular object so it triggers the touch


Or when touching


I set the size to 500 and it worked so it was the hit box


Oh, thanks!

Wow that hit box must’ve been pretty large


To clive or not to clive. That is the question.


@leaders this is solved! U can close it!

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