I.. I.. I.. I.. Just..

(Edit: The title is supposed to be in capitals ._. )
(Y capitals no work)


She follows me too! :wink: Twinsies!


Publish to this topics please

or here


. /\ . Sorry


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@seawolfwerehorse Yeah. I agree SmileyAlyssa follows mostly everyone she meets on the forum (not trying to start a flame war)
But its funny to see the reactions :joy:
everyone is always like OMAIGERD!!! :scream: *faints


She followed me before I was on the forum. #YASSSSSS


Yeah, it's no biggie. It's not annoying to me, but instead of creating a topic I think they should post it in what @Kiwicute2016 just said. But I love seeing the reactions! Lol


I changed the title comgrats!


Um.. Can you remove that :unamused: Emoji there? It's kind of offensive :(


Hey guys, it's okay to get fired up about this! Let's not get rude with the :unamused: emoji. Most people freak out when SA follows them. I certainly did. :sweat_smile:


Yeah, tried TRICERA in capitals, didn't work. But anyway, she follows a lot of people (including us), but congrats! I know what she is going to say:

"Photo bomb!"

Tried to get the title in caps.


SmileyAlyssa follows me too


That is what I usually say :joy:

You know me so well XD


I guess I'm not famous enough for you.


Nope, it's still in lower case letters for me. :(


What do you mean?


Yeah, I tried, didn't work.


^o^ Thanks you guys for getting this topic the Nice Topic badge! ^o^


Better? Only the H of "Oh" isn't capitalized, if all letters are capitalized, it won't work.