Nvmn about stuff




First post and like!
I personally agree with u as well.


Thanks :DD

IDK if meh parents will let me get it


Which would you prefer? Hopscotch not getting money and having to shut down or living with a subscription that isn't as bad as you make it out to be?


I respectfully don't agree on one point.
The subscription is perfectly fair.
Although the price is a bit high, you pay, and you get something good in return.
I don't think memes would flood hopscotch. If someone pays for the pictures, they wouldn't waste it on memes.

But, I do agree that Featured will probably be more biased, but does that matter? It's okay if you haven't been Featured before. :slight_smile:

Also, the thing I'm most worried about is if any picture is inappropriate.

That's really what bothers me.


I know, just stating my opinion :wink:


I 100% agree with that too

just stating my opinion :DD


I totally agree 100% I'm just scared about the first week yeesh get ready face reveals and memes EVERYWHERE


oh no

privacy stuff will be leaked and stuff






This would be better than a subscription.


I know :P




If they do those, they would probably make even more money!



harsh, but tru

now that i think about it, that probably wont happen


I think they're going to prevent faces from being used.



maybe get an sponsorship or something

Or put up some ads, not too much tho. I'm sure nobody would mind those


Oh, I forgot about ads!


I think it's pretty fair, you pay $7.99, you get extra features. What wouldn't be fair is if they only feature the projects with new features. My Mom may let me get it.(Probabiy not though)


If there is any real problem, it is not allowing subscribers to collaborate with nonsubscribers. (using extra features) Unless you get a collab account and pay for extra features. But that would be overly expensive, paying for an alt account.


It would. Maybe THT could have an account where you can try everything for free.
I'm also hoping everyone on Hopscotch Beta gets the paid version for free on Hopscotch Beta.