Number of projects on a row - Hopscotch suggestion



So if you’ve been on hopscotch, you would know that in each “row” there are only two projects (three on a large iPad), which means it would take forever just to scroll to a project I made several months ago. I think this problem can be solved by having a drop-down box in the corner when you are scrolling through projects. The option would probably be 1, 2/3 (the default setting), 4/5, 6 and 10. This would make scrolling a lot faster. It’s really important that this is added, because it would make projects a lot easier to find. Note: changing the number SHOULDNT cause the page to reload and change your current scroll position.


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That’s a pretty cool idea. It would definitely be useful for finding projects you don’t remember the name of. Or if you are curious to know what someone’s first project was.


There should also be an option to make it look like a -_- face




Because -_-


More like you can search your published by typing what you named it and/or a filter that filters out the ones you want


Yeah but what about other people? Or something else?


I’m honestly confused by what you mean by “other people”


Like other users.

Say I was curious what @Glowwy 's first project was. I obviously wouldn’t know the name


Yea that’s what filters could be for


10, but on an iPhone in portrait mode. :skull:

They’d be so small


That is a pretty cool idea! Maybe also implement something (like the post slider on the forum) to navigate through content. Or maybe a drop down list with different options like “A month ago”, “Now”, “A year ago”, “Last Halloween”, “Last featured” and so on.


Well you would probably switch back to a normal one after you found it XD


I did that in my testing version of Hopscotch, and I got this.

Edit: iPad mini 2 at ten projects per row in my testing app




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my first project was on another acc operated by me and my cousin called strawberrybear


Oh hai

You returned to existing


for a limited time only



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