Number of Followers?



Wouldn't it be amazing if Hopscotch showed the number of our followers? I'm just curious to see how many I have....
P.S The reason this is in the "help" category is because for some reason my computer won't let me scroll down.

Following icon!
How to Check Your Number of Followers

It's okay, the help category is just an automatic for all posts and I don't think we can change it at the moment. Hopscotch switched from categories to tags instead so that's why there's that problem.

I know a lot of people have asked for number of followers and I think it's nice as well to see who is enjoying your projects.

But if people do know the number of their followers and say there are people with a lot of followers who publish how many followers they have, and it could be hundreds let's say. It might make other people who don't have as many followers feel bad. I think it's really nice already that we have the Activity Centre which notifies you with "A Hopscotcher started following you!"

That's just my view on this :blush:

Projects and Likes

I agree! I created something on hopscotch about it, and many people agreed about it!


But then again, if someone doesn't have as many followers, they may actually look up to you and they would be like, "I want to be like him/her when I get more experienced!" And soon, after 1 year, they will be more famous than MagmaPOP! :smiley_cat:


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You could create a project and increase a number when you get a follower...


I totally agree completely.


@Stampys_fans Well, it doesn't work like that sadly :frowning: . I wish there was a WHENS option like that. WHEN: The user (Insert your username) gets a follower: ......(Your code stuff)