Ok, so recently it was discovered by @NindroidGames that you can “nuke” a topic, which pretty much obliterates any posts past the post that was “the nuke”. I am not going to tell people how to nuke a topic, but I know plenty of people know how to. So, talking about when to use it and when not to.
When To Use It:
Never except if the owner of the topic allows you to do it
When Not To Use It:
Everywhere else even Topics that are just hosts of flame wars
Where To Especially Not Use It:
General Topics
Collab Chats
Drawing On Paper Topic
Active Discussion Topics

If you nuke a topic in other places where you especially aren’t supposed to, a lot of people will get mad. And you will probably get reported, and then suspended.
I had a big discussion topic that was nuked, a GT was nuked, several other discussion topics were nuked, please don’t nuke Topics.
Also no spam tagging the OMTL

  • This was a great topic to sum everything up
  • I agreed for the most part
  • I am half and half
  • I disagreed for the most part
  • This was a bad topic all together
  • Other opinion(State Below)

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How far can you quote?

I discovered it
Sorry :/


several teas are typing.


Yeah, I hate when people nuke the stuff

Please don’t nuke
Realized what I said could have made someone do it…


Also I am aware of the other Nuking Topics topics


Stop, you seriously don’t get it. You’re making a big deal over this junk and now the whole forum will know and people are going to be immature. People seriously don’t get it. It Is just attention seeking now.


I won’t argue with you


Go ahead. I’ve told everyone to stop because there’s people who will nuke your topic, mine and more. I’m just warning you so that the immature people don’t get to see this.

Yeah and thanks for using the omtl to make everyone know


This is mostly my fault, I apologize to CC and I think you for nuking your topics.

CC I’m sorry, I didn’t know it would bug out your topic (that was when we were just having fun creating big/small texts

I want to apologize to you for nuking your topic, some people were asking me to nuke it after a serious flame war, and I even posted, “uh, maybe not.” But I did it anyway. I’m really sorry

(I was also asked to nuke Xse and Ohb’s spam topics)

I’m really sorry, I will not nuke topics, I didn’t mean for you all to be upset :/

I got to go I wish I could say some more,.


It definitely isn’t your fault :ok_hand:
And it’s not @Petrichor’ either.

You two are innocent, it’s the people who make topics about this who should be apologetic.


It didn’t even turn out to be a flam war, yes there was some heat in the beginning, but in the end we marked January 9th as the date that the most useless discussion ever occurred on the forum, and now we can’t read it


Really? Ok whatever.
You can disagree with me. I can’t change your opinion, I don’t oppose your opinion either. And I get that people might nuke I say topic. But at least maybe people will read it and understand


You did the right thing by telling people to limit but you could’ve done it more discretely by telling people who know about nukes. Using the omtl was just a poor choice :woman_shrugging:


Yeah I get it…I am sorry


So could you please remove the omtl and tag people who should know?


It doesn’t matter. It’ll tag them anyways lol.

He’s tried it before lol.


it’s all good as long as you learn from your mistakes, so I forgive you :ok_hand:

can you please remove the nuke from the drawing topic debate, tho? Thanks!

go vikes


You can’t remove a nuke.


wait what


Because you can’t delete it, it permanently destroys all posts after it, so you can’t access the delete button