Now I know how to make polls!

  • Should I make more polls
  • Or should I not!


Votes are public.


Im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay! Maybe instead of clogging the forum with these topics, make a general topic to post anouncments and polls!


Or you can make one topic to post hopscotch related polls! Remember, topics should be related to hopscotch!


Ok that's a great idea!
So you mean announcing polls on posts instead of creating them


Just like the hopscotch costs 8.00 one!


Yah! You can make one big topic, to post all your hopscotch related polls! That way, you don't have to make new topics!


Ok so post all the polls in one topic!
And that was a good idea!


Yah! Make sure to make the polls hopscotch related though!