Now drawing logos!



I'm now drawing logos! The logos up there are some examples!


Can I Have A CAT Mario Themed Logo?


Okay, sure! :grinning:



I'm done with it :smile::smile:!! I hope you like it!


can you do one for me

my name is Dark Side Of The Moon , you can look up my page .


May you do one for me? I'm Anonymous on Hopscotch.

Anything is fine, but mysterious/anonymous-y suits me :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! I'll Change Into It Later.


Good news! I'm almost done with yours!


@Maxiumumride101 I'm done now!! :grinning:

Hope you like it!!


I'll do yours later today or tommorow. Ok? Thanks!


You accept ANYTHING? Okay....

:joy::joy: Jk (Just kidding)


I'm going to start making your REAL logo now


Here's your finished logo!! :smile::smile:

Hope ya like it!!


i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!