Notifications tab not updating


Your username: TheCMStudios

What kind of device are you using?: iPhone 6s

1 sentence description of the problem: I was wanting to see my notifications, but the tab isn’t reloading:

I expected this to happen:
To see my recent notifications

But instead this happened:
It doesn’t update
I need hep


I have the same issue. Notifications have not updated in a week.
Username: Jedi4Jesus
Devices: iPad mini first gen and iPhone 5


Same, I haven’t had notifications since 2 hours after my project got featured.


Same with me, I got notifications before my feature, but now I don’t have any


It did this once before Hopscotch’s recent update, then the tab updated, and now it’s not again


Same. It only updates if it’s in the Featured or another drop-down category.


Remixes as well? I don’t remixed notifications. I get remix notifications on my phone, but I can’t see them in my notifications tab in the app


Your internet probably isn’t on


same here, it never shows for me.


If the internet wasn’t on, the notification screen says so. It’ll say “Sadface, notifications aren’t loading.”

This has been happening to me as well. My iPad hasn’t updated in over 2 days, and my phone updated once because I haven’t opened it since I updated it, and now it won’t anymore.


Internet or cellular, notifications don’t update for me. Using different devices don’t make a difference either.


Mine just updated. Just now.


Good WiFi and cellular. No problem with internet connection.


Mine hasn’t updated yet…


Ok then, so we know it doesn’t do it all at the same time


I feel like it’s after a certain time, which is not cool and makes no sense at why THT would do that. I don’t think it is.


No one knows what’s happening
I hope THT still pays attention to the coding part of the forum.


I don’t know. The app is pretty buggy in general


THT needs a bigger server, I think


Do you want me to send a copy of this report to the Hopscotch team?