Notifications Not Loading


Ok. I made a new game and I see it has gotten 5 likes but I don’t see anything in my notifications box. Tried refreshing my iPad and Hopscotch but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions. And also does anyone else has this too? This is really frustrating.

More info - iPad version - iOS 10, new iPad Pro, Hopscotch IS up to date.

Many thanks!


This happens to me sometimes, I think it is just a bug with Hopscotch so it takes a little longer to show up.


Yeah, I thought this was common. Any suggestions?


The notifocations take a while to display.


I have not thought about this, but it might have happened to me as well. I think so, so I will make sure to check as often as I can if this happens to me too, but it seems like a common bug, unfortunately.


Thanks I think that it’s a WiFi problem though.


Lol my IPad does the exact opposite problem! XP
It says there are notifications where they are not!


Interesting :joy: I guess it’s worse for you than me.


Happened since 2015 or something like that when accounts were added… notifications never showed up again…