Notifications Glitch + other- help?


Anyone else having this problem??

Basically last week I had a topic (anti spam-flaggers) that I made. Never before had it showed me a notification for a topic that was liked. But I had a notification that I tapped on and it directed me to a like I'd received on my topic. Is that supposed to happen? It never happened before.

Also, as another like notification problem, I made a comment and received a notification for a like. However, when I looked at the comment, it had three likes, and I only had one notification. I refreshed my page but I still only had one.

Is this normal?


Yes, It's normal! There's nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:


Maybe dere was a glitch before, I usually get notified when someone likes my topic, and if I click on the notification, it directs me to my topic.


That's supposed to happen.


Ye I know. But @LavenderArts said it didn't happen before.


It just happened again- It gave me a notification for @AwesomeNachos but only Awesome Nachos. That's what I mean, it only gives it to me for one person.


If it was two people, it would show 'AwesomeNachos, other person' liked your topic.


Well, it isn't... I absolutely have no idea why it's like this


When thee in doust, thy shall email THT!