Notification Settings Suggestion


I think it would be nice if I could edit the notifications I get from the Hopscotch app. It’s nice to know when I get featured but as of right now I get a notification for almost every remix, and with my mini golf project getting featured, I am getting a ton of remixes. I got up this morning and had like 25 notifications. I think it would be nice if we could pick and choose what gets sent as notifications from the app, or just have it send something at midnight being like “you had 16 remixes of your projects yesterday” or something like that.


Just don’t look at your notifications then


It has happened to me several times


If I didn’t want to see my notifications I’d just turn them off :confused:


Email THT if you are having issues, because currently there isn’t a way. Maybe they can make an update for it


There’s a way in my iPad settings, that’s what I meant.


Oh the crazy just turn them off, I thought you meant the notifications in the Hopscotch app


No I meant the ones that I receive outside of the app, sorry for the confusion.


This is a great point you are bringing up!

If we did have this feature, I would love it and use it ALL THE TIME.


Yeah you can turn those off in settings


Do you have the problem were it doesn’t show your notifications on your account till 1-2 days later?