Notification Error



Does anybody notice, in the notifications there is a blue dot when nothing has happened? Is it just me?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


It’s been happening a lot, it’s not just you.

I’d check the notifications when the both the tab and the lighting sign has a dot.


Oml that’s still a thing

I don’t believe that that glitch thing is stilll here after more than a year


Haven’t noticed that happening… but since you mentioned it, I will keep an eye out for that!


On the app. Not the forums, if you didn’t know. But, @Hi_people I’ve been experiencing this too!


Me too, I always have that bug.


Yeah. It always happens in the drafts


Same the notifications keeps on telling me there’s something when there’s nothing


It’s been happening since before @KayKat even got her first feature.


It happens with everyone.


My notifications get this dot sometimes, and sometimes if doesn’t. But every time I check my notifications tab, new notifications doesn’t show up. On the new Hopscotch App version, my last notification is from approximately two months ago.


@awesomeonion thumbnail bug is back (can’t zoom out)

Btw this notification bug is because the notification is delayed. The blue dot works correctly, but the notification comes in 2 minutes later