Notification crash bug!




@Liza Just sharing it with Liza. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@Rawrbear good idea. @Ian


I'll also tell @asha and @alish about this


It's not crashing anymore, but it is still something for the HT to keep note of.


You don't have to report to everyone! facepalms self


@Rawrbear ???? Huh? What?


He means you could've just emailed hopscotch


No, I mean Liza and Ian could've been enough :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Hi @Hoppertoscotch! I had this problem to and yes it did go away. I email the hopscotch team (you can find it in the Hopscotch app) about it. I think you were right to atleast report it, sometimes I feel like that reporting a glitch is unnecessary to email the Hopscotch team so I post it here on the forum, but in this particular case it wasn't allowing you to use Hopscotch so next time that happens email them first. Also, hi @Rawrbear! I think it was okay for @Ihasfluffycupcakes to also chip into the conversation but I do understand your point. Luckily this bug has been resolved! :yum::cat:


Cool! I would like, but I ran out, so here :heart:


They were working on bugs with the beta team (Me!)
They are fixed now, but they might still kick in for people with old avatars (ex. Bird, Cody...)


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Well, I really wonder what happened.


@H4x0r Please do not spam.